The prayer of Blessed Charles de Foucauld for Advent

Over the next four weeks this beautiful prayer will better prepare you for the feast of Christmas.


What if Blessed Charles de Foucauld were to become our spiritual guide during Advent this year? An insatiable seeker of Christ’s presence, from the silence and desolation of the desert he drew forth a continual renewal of faith. Discover his prayer for the season of Advent and walk with him towards Christmas to receive Jesus:


Twenty days to go! The time is near…


Although that awaited Day will be Happy, how sweet today already is!

You are there, my God, at Mary’s bosom, you are there in that little house, adored by Her and by Joseph and the angels.

Take me to them, my Lord.


My Lord and my God, when I am in your Sanctuary, at the foot of the Tabernacle, are you not as close to me as you were to St. Joseph during Advent?

When You give Yourself to me in Holy Communion, are You not as close to me, as in me, as You were in the Holy Virgin?


My God, how happy I am, how happy I am.

But Lord, I beg You, convert me,

may I be at the foot of the Tabernacle, may I be in the Holy Communion,

may I be what I should be; may I no longer be indifferent, asleep before your Altar, so that I no longer receive your divine Body without reflection.

Convert me, convert me, my Lord, I pray in your Name!

Remind me that You promised to grant all that we ask


in Your Name and to give the good spirit to those who ask.

My God, give me the good spirit, Your Spirit, and make me spend this Advent


and all the days of my life in a way that glorifies You as much as I can;


As much as I can, as much as You will me to be, not nearly as much as the Blessed Virgin or St. Joseph,

but as much as You will me to be, as much as I can with the Graces You give me;


Let me join Your Holy Family so lovingly, humbly, overwhelmed in admiration, in contemplation, in love, at Your feet, during this Advent, and always.

And what I ask of You for me,

I ask of You for all people,

and above all for those I must especially pray for,

in You, through You and for You.


Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict is a Catholic who wants nothing but to spread the catholic faith to reach the ends of the world. Make this possible by always sharing any article or prayers posted on your social media platforms. Remain blessed

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