The priest refused to administer the Sacrament of anointing the sick to my sick baby. Why?

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I asked for the anointing of the sick for my very ill baby, but the priest said that the sacrament is only for people older than six years old. I thought the main purpose of this sacrament was for physical healing and the forgiveness of any sins. If so, why was my child refused the sacrament?


Anointing of the sick primarily is for spiritual healing. Physical healing might occur, but it is not the main purpose of the sacrament. Certainly the sacrament should not be expected to automatically cure the sick person. Such an expectation tends toward superstition (cf. CCC 2111). Baptized children below the age of reason cannot commit personal sin and so do not need anointing of the sick if they are in danger of death. Rather, when in danger of death, such children can be given confirmation, for spiritual strengthening and more fully to initiate them into the Christian religion.

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  1. The Priest is right. The baby is below the age of reason (which is 7) is that baby was baptized already, he will be saved already if he doesn’t survive. St. Peter said “baptism now saved you” referring to the early christians.

    1. Joan, Blessing are different. Any baptized Catholic can give a blessing or bless objects. Anointing of the sick is very different.

  2. If you are a Christian, and you have full faith in Jesus, and you obey the rules and commandments, and you read BIBLE regularly, Attending Church, then you can believe the LORD, he can cure any sickness, then you can Pray to the LORD to cure the sickness, There is no procedures in Christianity to do things, but everything is based on belief and Faith in GOD with full heart, So surrender to the LORD, and ask forgiveness to your sin in tears and ask to the LORD to cure the sick, then you may get the result, This is the way of getting testimony about the miracles of the LORD JESUS. HE IS GOD, first surrender to HIM, then only MIRACLE. it is HIM. JESUS ready to help anyone who comes to HIM in full surrender. If the child born in wrong relationship to a Christian of Christian Marriage, then there is problem,

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