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The ROSARY is defeating Boko Haram terrorist group in Nigeria

By October 5, 2016 2 Comments

What is the most powerful weapon deployed against Boko Haram? Is it a smart bomb or a stealth drone? No. It turns out, the most feared weapon against Boko haram is the Rosary.
Among all the weapons deployed by mankind, one of the most powerful is prayer. The Israelites often prayed before battle, and the Rosary was famously prayed before the Battle of Lepanto.
The power of the Rosary is well known to Catholics and even non-Catholics have been moved to acknowledge its significance. And now, Boko Haram may be the next to fall back from Christendom, repelled by the power of the Rosary.
The credit for the deployment of this weapon belongs to Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme of Maiduguri. His diocese is the hardest hit by Boko Haram in Nigeria. As the terrorists advanced on his flock, the Bishop says he received a vision. In the vision Jesus Christ handed him a sword which turned into a Rosary in his hands. The vision was clear. Jesus was asking the people to fight back though prayer.
Since 2014, Bishop Doeme has spread devotion to the Rosary and now Boko Haram is falling back on all fronts. The Nigerian government has declared them functionally defeated. The organization can no longer mount regular attacks and is reduced to random acts of terror. And while these acts are feared, it is a sign that the organization is dying.
Hundreds of thousands of displaced people have already returned to their homes and are working to rebuild their lives.
According to Bishop Doeme, Boko Haram is about to “fizzle out.”
The reason behind this is not stealth bombers or battle tanks, but rather the Rosary.
The Bishop wants everyone to know that Our Lady is there for us. He remains convinced “that the rosary would ultimately give us victory over this evil. Boko Haram is evil, ISIS is evil. So as long as we go to a place with His Mother, especially by praying the rosary, which is the most pronounced form of Marian devotion, we will be victorious.”
By all accounts, the Bishop is correct.
May God bless Bishop Doeme and the beloved people of Nigeria.

By Marshall Connolly


  • EDWINA VILLA says:

    This is a powerful testimony of the power of the Holy Rosary. Could you please tell me where to get the rosary pictured here in this write up. I am interested in getting one. Thank you. E. V.

  • Sr. Levine Grace Kalikuela says:

    Thank you Blessed Virgin Mary for the wonders of your Love to your children in Nigeria. Thank you for the fall of the Evil in Nigeria. Hold your rosary in your oh people of God, don’t leave your rosary. Save the Nation and the World.
    Thank you Bishop for cooperating with God.

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