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The Saint who could grow wings like an Angel, raised the dead just to attest to a man’s innocence

The Saint

Have you ever heard of the Saint dubbed the “Angel of the Judgement”?. His name is St Vincent Ferrer.

Born on January 23, 1357 in Valencia, Spain. Vincent joined the Dominican Order in a Monastery close to his city. He was charged to teach philosophy, which he continued after being transferred to Barcelona. There too he devoted himself to preaching. In Catalonia, he received his doctorate at Lerida. One time he accompanied Cardinal Pedro de Luna to France who later became Pope at Avignon and made St Vincent Master of the sacred palace. Despite his new position he refused many dignities, even the post of cardinal and only wanted to keep struggling to be perfect and preach. He began preaching in nearly every province in Spain, and also in France, Italy, Flanders, Germany, Scotland and Ireland. Many people were converted from his preaching and he worked many miracles to attest to his holiness. He died on April 5th 1419. He is celebrated on the same day in the Church.

The Wings, other miracles

One time near Palma St Vincent stilled a storm in order to preach from a wharf. He is also known to stop a flood, cure the sick. At Guerande he delivered a man who is possessed by a demon.

St Vincent pictured with wings

In Christian arts St. Vincent is sometimes pictured with wings. This is because he is called an Angel. However, there are testimonies from many people who have pictured him with wings. It is said that in the middle of preaching, he’d suddenly assume wings and fly off to help someone who is suffering. Then he would return in the same manner and continue his evangelical work. He is known also to send someone, commission him to perform miracles when he himself is exhausted. This Saint did unbelievable things.

He is known to have prophesied to Alphonso Borgia, who at the time was only a novie: “You will become Pope and will canonize me”. Years later, the latter became Pope Callixtus III and canonized the Saint. He also told St Bernardine of Siena that he would be canonized before him (Vincent), and it happened.

The Dead Man

One time, and innocent man at Pampeluna had just been condemned to death by a court. St Vincent was aware he was innocent and tried, to no avail, to convince the court of this. As the procession led the man to the scaffold, they met another procession that had a dead man. The corpse was in a stretcher being carried to the place of burial. The Saint suddenly stopped and spoke up to the corpse:

“You no longer have anything to gain by lying. Is this man guilty? Answer me!”

The dead man sat up and said:

“He is not!”

After this, the man was then offered a reward for his service. He was asked by the Saint if he wanted to stay alive but he rejected saying he was assured of salvation. So he died again peacefully and they continued to the cemetery.

Why the post:

Much as many of the Saints’ stories seem too far-fetched because many of them have been given many gifts while on earth. It must be known that these were still ordinary people who learned to pray gradually, love imperfectly, and devote themselves albeit with doubts. However, they learned to persevere and are now crowned with glory in heaven. These stories are meant to inspire us with awe at the marvels God can accomplish through his Saints. This means to us that no matter how dark our lives are, we too could be filled with his light. Not so we can work miracles, but so we could be miracles of his grace ourselves. Do not pray for the gifts of these Saints, pray only to love and to work for God like they did.


O my protector, St. Vincent Ferrer, as the eternal God has deposited in you an inexhaustible treasurer of grace and of supernatural virtues, hear my earnest petition, and help me with your intercession, more powerful now even than when you were on earth. Hence with blind confidence do I cast myself at your feet, there to place my requests for all those in whom I am concerned but more particularly for (special favor). O glorious saint, let not my confidence in you be deceived. Present for me, to the Divine Majesty, your suppliant prayers and watch over my soul. Should sorrow and trials increase, so also will my rejoicing increase, and may my patience grow with each day, that I may thus save my soul. Amen.

Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict is a Catholic who wants nothing but to spread the catholic faith to reach the ends of the world. Make this possible by always sharing any article or prayers posted on your social media platforms. Remain blessed

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