The Virgin Mary allegedly Appears to Coronavirus Patients in this Hospital


The Virgin Mary allegedly Appears to Coronavirus Patients in this Hospital in Bogotá Colombia. According to accounts, the Virgin Mary appeared to COVID-19 patients.

Primer Impacto, a Colombian television program reported the alleged apparitions. The pictures show what looks like Our Lady in the hospital’s chapel corridor. Employees of the Reina Sofia Clinic say that Our Lady visits the patients.

Here’s the video explaining the alleged apparitions:

The doctor who took the images said he noticed a figure in unusual places, including at the corridor and in the chapel.

One of the witnesses said he is certain that it was the Virgin Mary. According to him, the second image seen in the hallway is clearer.

“She largely manifests herself and does not manifest herself on the floor, she manifests herself levitating–she never touches the floor,” he explains.

“You cry a lot because she cries,” says María Francia, Casita de la Virgen director.

“She is visiting the sick in the world of COVID, because it hurts her. She is a loving mother,” she emphasizes.

Speaking with Primer Impacto photographer Fernando Vergara, explained:

“It is evident that in the clinic’s chapel is surrounded by glass, which becomes a reflective surface. If there were no Virgin Mary in the chapel, we would be clearly talking about an apparition.”

This might be real or it might be an optical effect. Either way, it should remind us that Our Lady is always sharing in our pain. Our Lord himself gave her as our Mother. She will listen and comfort us when we call her.


Hail Mary, full of grace!

The Virgin Mary allegedly Appears to Coronavirus Patients in this Hospital. Leave a comment..

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