The Virgin Mary appears in Africa; some say its a warning

Catholics in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are returning to church in droves, at least in one town. The Virgin Mary may have appeared to people in the border town of Zongo. Those who have seen the apparition believe it is a warning.

The town of Zongo sits south of the border with the Central African Republic, on the bank of the Ubangi river. The community has a large Catholic population.

In one suburb, a local butcher was the first to see the apparition in the bulb of a streetlight. Identified as Paul Sibere, he reported the vision in June. Since his initial report, thousands of locals have visited the site.

While many people were initially skeptical, some have been convinced. The reason is that no similar shape has ever been seen in the streetlights.

The apparition has no color to it, but its shape is reminiscent of the Virgin Mary, her arms open. It’s distinct from the other bulbs people see.

Sibere said he would return to church after seeing the apparition.

Others who have seen the apparition are worried. One woman, Mary Bayong, said she thought the apparition was a sign that God is unhappy with the world. “This is to tell us God is not happy with us. If you look at what we do these days, my son you will be sad. The stealing, the robbery, killing and others… this is a message from God that we must repent of our sins.”

As Catholics flock to the apparition many say they believe. Each night, the streets fill with people singing and praying. A few people claim to hear messages from the apparition. Some share Bible verses. One woman said the apparition told her there would be a drought, but that people should not worry, God will provide for them.

The Catholic Church has not examined the apparition, or issued any statement. It may be what many people are seeing is merely the product of a misshapen filament or bulb. Yet, it could be something more.

Is the apparition real? Are the thousands of people who claim to see and hear and believe wrong? Until the apparition is investigated it remain impossible to say with certainty. But clearly, something is happening because the people are being affected.

Let us always be ready, for nobody knows the hour.



  1. Yelyen Muzeyi Reply

    Hello, the incident happened in Ghana (The Upper West of WA), where I’m from not in Democratic Republic of Congo. There must have been a mixup with the location. Unless similar occurrences took place in Congo. Please check. Thanks.

    1. ataaya syncletia Reply

      Yes, it ha
      ppened in Congo too. I have that of Wa on my wall. But I read about the Congo one too.

  2. Tom Rafferty Reply

    It’s called pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists. Science doesn’t know everything, but this phenomena can clearly be explained naturally. If I was still a Catholic, I would be embarrassed that people continue to be so superstitious and that my church continues to be so unscientific.

    1. Sylvia Crockett Reply

      What if it was true, would you be embarrass or maybe believing it? Look what happen at the Fatima in Portugal. I do believe Blessed Mother is giving us a serious warning and wake up call. Yes, I am sure they will investigate for a reason this apparition. I am sure the Fatima was scary at that time. Now, we are in state of war, hating, killing and even mocking one another. God did not do this, Satan did. Satan want to steal all souls to be his. People do not want to realize that, but me, I know and I do not want Satan get my soul ever. I am proud to be a Catholic.

      1. Tom Rafferty Reply

        “What if it was true, would you be embarrass or maybe believing it?”

        I would only accept a claim if there is sufficient evidence for such. These apparitions are best explained by the natural workings of the brain. Present the evidence and we can talk.

        1. Narciso D Santiago, MD. Reply

          Tom Rafferty, to a believer, no evidence is nessary but to the unbeliever no proof is possible. This is called FAITH.

        2. James Neufeld Reply

          “These apparitions are best explained by the natural workings of the brain”. Of course Tom, this would be a presumption of total cognizance of the natural workings of the brain. Is this what you are stating?Are you trying to say the inner workings of the brain are so known, and so transparent, that absolutely everything perceived can be diagnosed in detail for what is actually going on in any event in human history? Tom, you seem like a hater and rock thrower at the believer, and at religion.I always find it amusing the haters of religion LOVE to respond to anything religious.Would you agree with me Tom, if it were not for the presence of religion, life would be less, for you would not be able to enjoy your animosities and hatreds for it, and also to stand tall in the pride of your perception of truth.Religion gives you purpose Tom, your god of knowledge needs to belittle and hurt people of faith to appease itself.

          1. Tom Rafferty

            James, thanks for responding. I am busy and do not want to waste my time or yours. You are misunderstanding my intent for commenting on this site. If you really want a lengthy, respectful and reasonable interaction, please let me know. Otherwise, lets agree to disagree respectfully, as I do hate religion but not the religious. I was a devout Catholic most of my life (I am 71 yo now), and even came close to the religious life in college. My wife of 45 years is still a practicing Catholic and I certainly do not hate her. Your choice on how this conversation ends.

      2. Curt Reply

        I am proud to be Catholic, and I believe. Our Lady of Fatima is next year, 100 years. Believe

      3. Victoria Lehner Reply

        What you say is so very true. We are in world war3. It is a wet between good and evil. The devil knows he will lose and The BLESSED MOTHER WILL STEP ON THE HEAD OF THE SERPENT a GOD WILL SEND SATAN TO THE LOWEST DEPTHS OF HELL. SO PRAY PEOPLE PLEASE.PRAY FOR ALL MANKIND.

    2. Dolorez Reyes Reply

      I would rather believe in my faith and God, than in Science; any day. You don’t need to see to believe. I don’t need proof. Proud Catholic.

    3. G Reply

      Unscientific? Do you know who gregor mendel is? How about Michal heller? What about Georges lamaitre? What about the relationship between eucharistic miracles and the shroud of Turin? The church in not in disagreement with science, except when science borders deep moral issues. But rest assured, the church is interested in science just as much as anyone else is.

    4. ataaya syncletia Reply

      Keep to your so called science. Watch that of Wa in the Upper West Region of Ghana, its on my wall. crowds gathered and sang songs for several hrs. This one isn’t a one man affair. Or was every body infected with your scientific explanation?

  3. Kathy Donohue Reply

    Like a warning. Praise the Lord!

  4. Cld Reply

    This is very true. I witness an apparition of the blessed mother. It’s a warning.

    1. Alex Reply

      Your lucky , pray for me

  5. Martin Muhereza Reply

    Apparitions are real. Science is limited when it comes to explaining spiritual phenomena.

  6. Pigwangkiti Gabriel Reply

    She is always with us, i do believe . There is no science in religion, am a sientist too but God do reigned. Am proud to be a Atholic

    1. Tom Rafferty Reply

      “She is always with us, i do believe . There is no science in religion, am a sientist too but God do reigned. Am proud to be a Atholic”

      Seriously, is this what this web page is holding out, as well as the other comments immediately above this comment, as representative of its quality and depth? SMH

  7. jhonson thottumkara Reply

    It’s really a warning to us.i do believe, get ready

  8. Philip Reply

    We have to keep praying for the forgiveness of sinners.

  9. RJD Reply



    My brothers and sisters I think we have to put a stop to man’s knowledge because the end’s of man’s knowledge is where GOD’S power begin’s. I had a dream on 5th July about the coming of Jesus and it was very serious. So I think the time is now to amend our ways .if you want to hear email me @

  11. Dave Johnson Reply

    I truly believe through science men will get a little closer to the mind bogling creation we inhabit which is without doubt created by God. There are lots of signs in the moon stars and the sun together with apparitions across the world. We should pray and fast. Amen.

  12. Pab Reply

    “Where two or more gather in my name I will be there “. “Blessed are those who have not seen but believe” …. With that being said we all know that the devil works way over time to break up what is of God or that brings people together in prayer so to the Scientists you keep you science cause We have to answer to God on our own so if the rest of us want to believe and pray so be it

  13. Komal Jabeen Joseph Reply

    Proud to be a Catholic, Hail Mary Pray for us Amen!

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