The Year of Mercy: Priest will be given authority to absolve abortion

In response to the year of Mercy the Diocese of Salford have mapped plans to spread the Mercy of God as directed by Pope Francis; they have made plans to reach out to Manchester and Lancashire using a double deck bus that will be filled with priests and evangelist of Mercy for the year of mercy; to spread the word, hold mass, conduct confessions, etc.
The major aim of this move is to reach those regions that cannot access church and have been unable to attend one for a very long time. And grant them an opportunity to draw closer to God. Especially through confessions as Pope Francis have promised to to allow priest all around the world during the Year of Mercy Jubilee to absolve women who confess of their abortion sins.
Bishop John Arnold of Salford said: “The Mercy Bus is a way of reaching out to people who might not otherwise have contact with the Church. We are going to them, rather than expecting them to come to us.”

Raphael Benedict

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