'There's a growing belief that religion is not a positive for American society' – How the Church impacts the US

A new report revealed exactly how faith and religion impact the United States – and you won’t believe what researchers found.
According to a report published at Faith Counts, the “growing belief that religion doesn’t contribute to American society” is false.
We all know how great the impact of the Church makes in cities around the world.
The Church feeds the hungry, offers clothing to the poor and shares freely the Word of God.
But what else does the Church do?
The study revealed religious institutions across the United States contribute a combined $1.2 trillion to the economy and society.
These figures include the cost of staff, utilities, rent, philanthropic programs, educational institutions and healthcare services.
In fact, it was revealed – though believers have known for centuries – “Congregations, faith-based businesses, institutions and faith-based charities strengthen our economy, build communities and families and lift people up in times of need in a way that no other institution or government does.”

In a 4-minute video titled “Faith by the Numbers: The Socio-economic Impact of Religion in the U.S.,” Georgetown University’s Brian Grim, Ph.D. stated: “In a country where we too often hear about what divides us, it might be time to talk about what unites us and supports us.”
He speaks of the different religious organizations responsible for contributing $1.2 trillion annually in the United States.
If religious organizations were its own economy, it would be the fifth largest in the world.
“The leaders, members and volunteers of these congregations go out every single day to serve the vulnerable among us – not for money or recognition – they serve because of their faith.
“‘Love of neighbor’ is a central tenant of every major world religion and this core belief reverberates far beyond the doors of an individual congregation – it impacts people all across our country.”
The video continues, breaking down exactly how the world’s major religions help keep the American economy going and how they also help the downtrodden, broken and healing.
Dr. Grim added: “Whether directly or indirectly, whether we realize it or not, religion’s influence positively impacts all of us in substantial and measurable ways and there’s nothing divisive about that.”


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