This is why May is know as “Mary’s Month”?

Why is the Month of May know as “Mary’s Month”?

This is the reason May is dedicated to Blessed Virgin Mary Mary.

May is most well-known as “Mary’s Month,” among Catholics. a specific month of the year when special devotions are offered in honor of Mary, Mother of God.


Why is that? How did May become linked to the Blessed Mother?


Several factors resulted in this association. Firstly, in ancient Greece and Rome, the month of May was dedicated to pagan goddesses related to fertility and springtime (Artemis and Flora, respectively). Furthermore, the aforementioned fact coupled with other European rituals celebrating the new season of spring led many Western cultures to view  May as a month of life and motherhood. This was long before “Mother’s Day” was ever formulated, though the fashionable celebration is closely related to this innate desire to honor maternity during the spring months.

There is evidence of a big feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary celebrated on the 15th of May annually, within the early Church, but it wasn’t until the 18th century which will receive a unique association with the Blessed Virgin Mary. In line with the Catholic Encyclopedia, “The May devotion in its present form originated at Rome where Father Latomia of the Roman College of the Society of Jesus, to counteract infidelity and immorality among the students, made a vow at the tip of the eighteenth century to devote the month of May to Mary. From Rome, the practice spread to the other Jesuit colleges and thence to almost every church of the Latin rite.”

Dedicating an entire month to Mary wasn’t a replacement tradition, as there existed a previous tradition of devoting 30 days to Mary called Tricesimum, which was also called “Lady Month.”

Various private devotions to Mary quickly became widespread during May, because it’s recorded within the Raccolta, a publication of prayers published within the mid-19th century.

It is a widely known devotion to consecrate to the foremost Holy Mary the month of May because of the foremost beautiful and florescent month of the year. This devotion has long prevailed throughout Christendom, and it’s normal here in Rome, not only privately families but as a public devotion in very many churches. Pope Luigi Barnaba Gregorio Chiaramonti, to animate all Christian people to the practice of devotion so tender and agreeable to the foremost Blessed Virgin, and calculated to be of such great spiritual benefit to themselves, granted, by a Rescript of the Segretaria of the Memorials, March 21, 1815 (kept within the Segretaria of his Eminence the Cardinal-Vicar), to any or all the faithful of the Catholic world, who either publically or privately should honor the Madonna with some special homage or devout prayers, or other virtuous practices.

In 1945, Pope Catholic Pope solidified May as a Marian month after establishing the feast of the Queenship of Mary on May 31st. After the Second Vatican Council, this feast was moved to August 22, while May 31st became the feast of the Visitation of Mary.

The month of May is one rich in tradition and a gorgeous time of the year to honor our heavenly mother.

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