This Priest Testifies to His Vision of God following a Horrific Accident

This Priest Testifies to His Vision of God following a Horrific Accident. Father Vincent Lafargue celebrates November 14 every year and believes it is the day of his second birth. On that day he suffered a terrible accident while driving his Motorcycle which led to his death.

He died of internal bleeding, following by cardiac arrest. According to him, he was propelled out of his body into a powerful light in which he felt surrounded by the absolute love of God.

This experience drastically changed his view of life and gave him a renewed and deeper meaning of his presence on earth. Which eventually led him to embrace the priestly life two years later.

Here’s the story:

He was 25 years at the time and had about 3 jobs: actor in the evening, a radio host in the morning, and a French teacher in the day. He recounted how he was basically living a fast life. His words were always punctuated by the word “quickly”: “We’re going to do an exercise quickly”, “Let’s move on to another topic quickly”. “ill teach you something quickly”.

That night he was thinking about this while riding his motorcycle and talked to God in his heart and said:

“I know I’m going too fast and that this tic says something about my life. I’m doing too much, and I wish I could brake, but I don’t know how to do that, especially because I love everything I do.” I added, “If you’re so smart if you really exist, why don’t you try to stop me?”

Getting to a red light, a voice that covered the music he was playing in his headphones talked to him. The voice was kind and soft, asked him twice:

“Are you really aware of what you are asking me?”

And twice out loud, albeit with doubt he answered


Then the light turned green, he had gone about 100 meters before getting caught in front of a car going 50mph. There was something of an optical illusion at the point of the road that prevented him and the driver from seeing each other. This illusion has since been corrected following an investigation on the crash. All of these happened in split seconds. Both vehicles going about 50 mph, the impact was violent, even the other driver remained traumatized for a long time.

The experience that changed everything:

He was taken to a hospital in geneva. With many fractures and internal bleeding which no one detected at the time. Then a doctor who had finished his shift, stopping to get coffee saw him and asked what was wrong and looked at his x-ray. He realized a spot that indicated he had been bleeding to death and understood he was dying. Then his heart stopped right outside the door of the operating room.

Suddenly he saw a scene as though he observed from above. An injured person on a bed, people around him and then he heard a flat-line beep. He worried for this person without realizing he was the one! At the time of this observation, he was totally fine.

Then turning around suddenly as if being pulled from begin. He saw this huge light, more powerful than the sunlight but not dazzling. He was drawn to the light and floated towards it for a few moments. For him, the light was inhabited by a presence which was unconditional Love, which, as he later learned, Love Personified: God.

The return

Suddenly he was thrown back in his body, his heart restarted alongside all his pains. Those experiences remained in his mind even though at the time he didn’t make much sense of them. Then he goes on to say:

A few months later, I discussed it with the same doctor who had operated on me. I told him what I had seen, the cardiac massage, the dialogue between him and the nurses, the number I saw on the wall, the name on the tag of a caregiver’s white coat by my bed … The doctor showed himself both interested and confused, saying that I couldn’t scientifically remember any of that, especially the man by the bed, because I had never seen him outside the operating room. He said that he believed me because everything I said was true, but that it couldn’t be explained by science because my heart was no longer beating.

The search:

After exploring the world’s religions for two years, he was fortunate enough to return to the Catholic Faith. He had been baptized in the Church as a child. The Dalai Lama visited Switzerland and told people not to convert to Buddhism. He told them however to rediscover the beauty of their religions.

Then catching a radio drama that lasted three days. The next day he tuned in, he discovered the man was a priest. He wondered how a priest could know so much about arts and culture and speak of such with precision. He called the priest and told him he was drawn to the vocation:

I then looked up his contact information and contacted him. While talking to him over the phone, his voice was as overwhelming as on the radio. Without even thinking, I told him that I had heard him on the radio and that I felt called to the same vocation as him. I was the first one surprised by what I said. …

This Priest Testifies to His Vision of God following a Horrific Accident. Read his interview on the Register or the Spanish version here

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