True story behind ‘Miracles From Heaven’

Annabel Beam was only 9-years-old when she fell down a hollowed-out tree and landed on her skull. Despite other horror stories in which spines were snapped and skulls were broken, Annabel emerged with a few scratches and a miracle: She was cured of a lifelong illness.

After firefighters spent hours removing her from the tree, Annabel told her family that she went to Heaven and met Jesus, who healed her.

Annabel’s mother, Christy, opened up about her daughter’s illness and how doctors struggled to care for the symptoms of pseudo-obstruction motility disorder, which is an incurable condition that had plagued Annabel her entire life.
In the hospital following her accident, Annabel’s doctors ran MRI and CT scans and were amazed to see her skull and brain were intact and had not sustained any major injuries.

Further tests revealed Annabel was cured.

“Heaven was very bright and it was very peaceful,” Annabel recalled. “There was no pain, and that’s why I wanted to stay. And I sat on Jesus’ lap and I asked Him if I could stay.

“He said, ‘No, Annabel, I have plans for you on Earth that you cannot complete in heaven, but whenever the firefighters get you out, there will be nothing wrong with you.”

Jennifer Garner plays AnnabelJennifer Garner plays Annabel’s mother in the film based on the child’s miracle healing (Getty Images).

When asked what Jesus looked like, Annabel described him as having brown hair, a beard and he wore a purple sash.

Sure enough, when Annabel awoke, she was so healthy that the painkillers prescribed for possible discomfort were left entirely untouched as Annabel was perfectly fine.

Annabel’s story was so amazing that her mother, Christy Beam, wrote a book to spread God’s continued miracles.

When actress Jennifer Garner approached Beam after being cast as Christy for the film version, Beam explained “she had my book. She had read the book from cover to cover, and she’d underlined and highlighted and dog-eared. She’s really sweet.”

Garner spent time with the Beams to promote the film and get a better understanding of Christy’s character. Garner even hailed Christy as an inspirational character, stating: “I was definitely inspired by who Christy is as a mom.”

Following the filming of “Miracles from Heaven,” Garner admitted it inspired her to return to church, which in turn inspired her children as well.

By Monique Crawford (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)



    1. Wilfred Camilleri Reply

      Yes, science can explain everything; except it doesn’t. Go ahead and think what you like. Everyone has a right to believe or not because God gave us free will. The link is just a bunch of nonsense.

      1. Tom Rafferty Reply

        Nonsense, do you really want to embarrass yourself that way?

      2. Patrick Gannon Reply

        I’m curious if you read any of the articles presented on the link that Tom provided. Thinking takes conscious effort,while believing does not. Which did you engage in?

  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    I’m still waiting for Yahweh to grow back an amputated limb. He only seems to do things for which a natural and scientific explanation might be available. Neurologists, not religionists, should be the ones taking an interest in this case.

    1. Angela Reply

      I met a woman in Medjugorie who watched a mans missing foot grow back on apparition hill. I guess Gid chooses who He wants to heal.

      1. Tom Rafferty Reply

        Yes, God DOES perform in “mysterious” ways, like never doing miracles where they can be evaluated by scientists. Strange, isn’t it?

      2. Patrick Gannon Reply

        LOL. That’s a riot, Angela. We’re supposed to take that as evidence? You “met a woman” who “watched a man’s foot grow back” and that’s all the information you have? This man apparently never left apparition hill. Anyone who was a documented amputee who went back to their doctor to show off their new foot, would be the biggest thing in the news. We would ALL know about it, not just some woman you met who told you a story.
        As Tom mentions above, why is this the best evidence there is for these things? Where are the first hand accounts? Where are the photos and the X-Rays, and doctor’s reports, and lab tests? Where are the medical papers documenting these events? Where are the reporters and news media with the biggest news in the history of the world? Why are we always expected to take someone’s word for it? Someone with no credibility….

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