Mr X Said:

I always feel as if I confess to a priest whenever he tells me hi, he will recall! I have never confessed n always praying 4 God’s forgiveness and pardon! Am I on a right truck? Am a sinner and try hard not to but I still find myself on a sin crime or still sinning!! Help me please please! If I won’t make it to heaven then its automatically hell! I feel shameful to confess? What do I do? These things are seriously affecting me!


Dear Mr X i want you to understand that a priest does not concern himself with your sins and the details around it. An average priest may not even remember you at all when he sees you the next time. So i am of the opinion that the enemy may be using such notions to deceive you and keep you from confession. Indeed, since you know that we receive forgiveness only from confession you risk losing your soul by refusing to go for it. The reason why your sins multiply is exactly because you stay away from Jesus in the Sacraments of Penance and Eucharist.

I exhort you to go for confession as soon as possible, pleading with Mary to help you, she often obtains graces for me to make very good confessions and fight sin in my own life. I believe she can do this for you if you willingly choose her to be you mother and mistress, she will guide all your affairs and your salvation will be in her own hands. However you need to abstain from sin, fight it from your life.

If the problem persists, i advice you look for a place where the confessional is covered, where the priest cannot see your face, or go far from your area to go for the confession, but be sure you go.
The better and more recommended option is to have only one confessor, so that the priest may know and keep track of your spiritual life and direct you accordingly.

Dear brother, alert me when you go, and if you have any other problems or doubts, share them with me ok?

I want you to be by me in heaven, do not disappoint me. So Go as soon as possible, let us run this race together as brethren.

Peace be with you !