Mr X Said:

I always feel as if I confess to a priest whenever he tells me hi, he will recall! I have never confessed n always praying 4 God’s forgiveness and pardon! Am I on a right truck? Am a sinner and try hard not to but I still find myself on a sin crime or still sinning!! Help me please please! If I won’t make it to heaven then its automatically hell! I feel shameful to confess? What do I do? These things are seriously affecting me!


Dear Mr X i want you to understand that a priest does not concern himself with your sins and the details around it. An average priest may not even remember you at all when he sees you the next time. So i am of the opinion that the enemy may be using such notions to deceive you and keep you from confession. Indeed, since you know that we receive forgiveness only from confession you risk losing your soul by refusing to go for it. The reason why your sins multiply is exactly because you stay away from Jesus in the Sacraments of Penance and Eucharist.

I exhort you to go for confession as soon as possible, pleading with Mary to help you, she often obtains graces for me to make very good confessions and fight sin in my own life. I believe she can do this for you if you willingly choose her to be you mother and mistress, she will guide all your affairs and your salvation will be in her own hands. However you need to abstain from sin, fight it from your life.

If the problem persists, i advice you look for a place where the confessional is covered, where the priest cannot see your face, or go far from your area to go for the confession, but be sure you go.
The better and more recommended option is to have only one confessor, so that the priest may know and keep track of your spiritual life and direct you accordingly.

Dear brother, alert me when you go, and if you have any other problems or doubts, share them with me ok?

I want you to be by me in heaven, do not disappoint me. So Go as soon as possible, let us run this race together as brethren.

Peace be with you !


  • ekwuru emmanuel says:

    Please remember me when you pray, am a sinner struggling to reject sin, will keeping on trying my best to be strong and prayerful these are my heart desires through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

  • mariela says:

    May God bless this man and bring him back to the sacrament of reconciliation!

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  • laura says:

    So is really true true that He dosent forgive sins unless thru a confessional….not even thru fervor from the heart by begging for forgiveness

    • Daniel Bosh says:

      No even if you don’t go to confession that doesn’t mean your doomed ,confession is a sacrament that gives you Grace and the means to receive communion essential things to help you fight sin.The priest forgives sins through God but he doesn’t judge your life at the end of time,God does.By not going to confession and still leading a good life probably will cause you to wait in purgatory to become worthy of heaven.

  • Mr. D says:

    Am also having similar problem here too. I am scared and ashamed to confess my sins in front of a priest. I pray GOD forgives me in heaven

    • HeavenSent says:

      Mr . D. Go to another parrish in your area where they don’t know you and just confess. I had the same issue because our preist is very close to all the parishioners. I drove to the nearest city where no one knew me and confessed. Eventually you will get over that fear. 🙂

    • Raymond says:

      you can go face to face or with a screen separating you. I hate going to confession but EVERY time, I literally feel so much better. It feels good to tell someone else your problems and it’s even better when you tell them to a representative of Jesus!

    • vevz says:

      Confess your Sins to GOD alone, not to any man or what you called priests here on Earth. HE is the only One who can forgive your Sins.

      • Mary Beth says:

        You are a obviously not Catholic and came to this site looking for answers yourself.
        To tell someone ” What you call priests on Earth…” is a dead giveaway that you don’t believe what we do.
        Go troll another website.

        • Aleksander says:

          The Bible says that our sins are already forgiven. All sins were punished in the body of Jesus; there are no sins left for God to hold against us..
          When the apostles preached the gospel they told people to believe the gospel so that their sins might be forgiven and when you do you become a new creature in Christ, forgiven and righteous.

  • MarkPenn says:

    The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that “every priest who hears confessions is bound under very severe penalties to keep absolute secrecy regarding the sins that his penitents have confessed to him. He can make no use of knowledge that confession gives him about penitents’ lives.”

  • MarkPenn says:

    Some comments include “fear” and “shame” as reasons, and I respect that. As a child, my mother tried to teach me good manners, not to pester the priests, etc– but she accidentally taught me to avoid them at all costs, to be afraid of them as though they had the power themselves to send me to Hell for being naughty. LOL- only as an adult have I changed my view. When I began studying the Catholic faith 8 years ago, at the age of 35, I saw no value in going to Confession. I did not realize (no one ever taught me) that you CAN’T receive Communion at Mass unless you’ve been to Confession at least once in the past year, preferably around Easter time. I never knew that! But once I found out I thought, “Well, I better go … if I want to receive Communion and attend Mass the correct way.” I started by going to confession in another city, far away so no one would know me. And it felt so good– no, no, beyond good– I have experienced personally so many MIRACLES from going to confession, that I personally think its more important to go to Confession than it is to go to Mass. Of course thats contrary to Church teaching, so please don’t do that– GO TO MASS! I’m just trying to tell you how much I LOVE going to Confession (sounds crazy I know, trust me you have to go many times before you start to feel good about it like I do now.)
    Now that I’ve been to Confession so many times I don’t even think twice about it. I know the priest *forgets* even before he has left the confessional. I’ve been in many conversation where people asked the priest right in front of me, “Father, isn’t it hard to look at someone after you know what they’ve done?” ALWAYS the priest has explained that first of all, they would be immediately ex-communicated from the faith if they even hinted or made any reference to anything from someone’s Confession. Second, the priest always explains, “Frankly, I’m too busy. Its the Lord, God, who works through me at Mass to consecrate the gifts into the precious body & blood of Jesus, and its the Lord who grants forgiveness in the confessional; its really not ‘me’ at all.”
    Now that I’ve become more active in church affairs I go to a lot of community service activities and social events and I’ve met hundreds of priests over the last 8+ years– they all say the same. And I never seen a priest say or do anything bad regarding someone’s confession (although each priest is human and I’m not saying they’ve never said anything questionable– just NEVER anything questionable about someone’s Confession!) Every priest takes their responsibilities with the confessional so seriously that I do believe they intentionally make themselves forget everything entirely before they even leave the booth.
    But like the one person said, you can go in another city or another part of town and to a place with a curtain or a wall.
    But you really must **GO** You are missing out on so much freedom and joy by now going! When I am really trying to attack a bad habit, I have gone every single day for weeks, and my problem was always solved.
    Also, bear in mind, once you go as frequently as I go, it no longer becomes the place I was taught as a child where I go to say “I’m sorry.” Its the place I go where father tells me “Good job,” for the amount of prayer-time and Fasting that I explain in Confession. I list my sins, of course, to receive the soothing, healing of Reconciliation– but I also explain how much time I’ve spent (or sadly NOT spent) in Adoration this week; I explain how I started to read a Catholic-published book by a noted Catholic author on spirituality; I explain my private, prayer life … and father always congratulates me on the efforts I’m making AND he then also gives me Reconciliation (with some small Penance to do, Penance gives me more time alone with God to really re-iterate to God my desire to break free of the bad habit or sin.) And sometimes the priest gives me an idea or a suggestion, to say, “Why not try this or that” and it always helps strengthen my private prayer life.
    Also, reading and praying about the 7 Lively Virtues, opposed to the 7 deadly sins– learning and understanding more about Virtue has helped fuel my prayer life too. Today, when I go to Confession I most often center my explanation on how I got tricked into a deadly sin by not putting more effort into living out the 7 Virtues.
    Please bear in mind, my parents never taught me the Virtues. They’re good people, but THEY were never taught. So I was NOT a virtuous man when I started this process. It is a much more FREE and JOYFUL world the more that I learn about the 7 Lively Virtues and how I can practice or demonstrate them behaviorally in my life today.
    And I never could’ve done that without going to Confession. I never could’ve done it on my own. The humility and self sacrifice of going to Confession is a HUGE leap forward in one’s personal relationship with the God of all eternity. But thats just my experience with it, personally. I hope my experience is helpful to someone.

    • Celina says:

      Thank you for sharing your story, that is wonderful to hear and I know so many people that could benefit from hearing a testimony like yours and how your life has being changed through going to confession. I too had a similar drive to go to confession after finding out about not being able to take communion (Which I felt so bad about since I only found out all of that after I had already been confirmed and years after my first communion) bur it truly is so life changing, refreshing and I just love going to confession now. We are so blessed to have this sacrament. Going regularly also allows us to examine our conscience regularly and it’s just so good. God bless you!

    • Luz says:

      Mark you are unbelievable God bless you and thank you for sharing!

  • The priests of today are not like the priests of the 50-60’s. They are much more forgiving and do not make you feel ashamed. They , too, are sinners themselves. Be not afraid. God bless you.

    • Chris says:

      Yes i agree with u, they(priests) are sinners. BUT WHO IS NOT?? Ever wondered why God keeps on choosing them to lead his Sheep(me and you) and even power to forgive sins on his behalf? The only thing we posses in this world, or own in this world is OUR SINS and nothing else.
      About priests being too forgiving? i want to believe its what God wants of all of us, for he is Merciful himself. SO LETS ALLOW GODS WILL TO BE DONE. AMEN

    • Stephanie says:

      I like your reply Patricia. It is very encouraging. God bless you, too.

  • Rita says:

    I got to where I wouldn’t tell them the truth because they would scold me so bad. I was afraid to tell them exactly how I sinned because I knew the were going to really tell me how bad I was and what I had to do. That was their fault to make us so afraid of confession. It was like they were judging me and I was going to hell for what I did. I have only learned recently that my sins were forgiven even if I forgot them. No wonder so many people have fallen away form the church. To have a priest scold a person for missing mass on Sunday because they were sick is not right even when they were told the person was sick.

  • Vincent says:

    How do i tell a priest that I’m a gay, during confession?

    • Chris says:

      Anything that disturbs your conscience as regards God is nothing but sin, if u feel its a sin then why cant you, try it!!! let the Holy Spirit lead you ma dia friend

    • Thomas R says:

      I think people sometimes believe priests are clueless or unaware in a way they almost certainly are not. I’d guess in our age at least many, maybe most, priests have heard confessions wherein the person mentions homosexual fantasies or even activities.
      Catholic teaching is that same-sex attracted people can be good people, but should endeavor to be chaste. If you’ve failed at chastity in some way relating to homoeroticism you can go to Confession and (in my experience of confessing to priests of my attractions or lusts involving men) they will not yell at you or condemn you or whatever you might be fearing. You will receive a penance, but I don’t know how you’d feel about that.

  • Mary Wyant says:

    Lived with my non catholic grandmother and my very catholic grandfather—He took me to Mass every Sun and holy day and I still remember the seat we sat in my hometown church. I went to Catholic school for 8 years and had a wonderful priest friend Fr. Luther–he hepled a lonely mixed up child . Over my teen years into my later years I never missed Mass and Confession was at first scary to me but later after having many problems I felt so relieved when I went to confession–never imagined I would sit face to face but have for many years now. Went to retreats where older priests were so kind n compassionate–I know there are exceptions but go on don’t let one priest scare you away. I have had 5 very special priests in different towns keep me going thru some very difficult times .One of them died in his 60’s and was so loved as chaplain in Williamsport n Wilkes Barre hospitals. We had faith sharing group years ago and I heard few people say how priests or certain church did not help them but I truly believe in my catholic faith and confession . Pray and go to confession–it does not have to be serious sin maybe just being selfish or unkind but go for the graces God gives us thru confession! Mary

  • Jennifer says:

    Sometimes that feeling of being embarrassed helps me to not commit thIse sins again. The priest may be able to give you some advice on how not to commit the sins again. You can also share with your priest that it has been awhile since you have been to confession & let him know how you are feeling. I know how embarrassing it can be to confess to a priest especially since I work at my parish rectory but after confession I feel so much better. I remind myself that they are sitting with me in the place of Jesus.

  • Sandy says:

    I am ashamed to go to Reconciliation/Confession and confess the same sin over and over! I used to NEVER miss Mass and now I miss at least once a month! I have access to EWTN Mass on my tv and “attend” that Mass sometimes but naturally there is no comminion to receive. I need to be more involved in my church’s activities and join study or prayer groups. I need to be more connected to the parish. Then I probablyxwould not miss Mass as often. Your prayers would be very much appreciated. Sandra

  • ruby says:

    i was taught from my 1st communion that we are not supposed to receive communion if we dont go to confession 1st and do fasting,so for a long time in my young life i do not go communion without cofessions…,i used go to church a lot,as i get older i was puzzled why i dont seem to see many people doing confessions but during communion the seats 200 plus people emptied racing to receive communion?i felt embarass and so left out im the only 1 left in my pew ,….few months later i become like them …i do not really feel its right ….

  • Mark Taylor says:

    I used to think that if I did anything wrong, it was a matter between myself, a few other people and God. But now I am beginning to think differently.

  • If you are afraid your priest will remember and judge you for your sins consider going to a neighboring priest to hear your confession.

  • Stephanie says:

    I am always horribly embarrassed to confess my sins, so I go to the next town over where they have an old fashioned confessional so the priest doesn’t see my face. The last time I went, the priest was so kind that it made it much easier for me to confess. For some reason it is always so hard for me to go. But, I am going to keep going back.

  • thabo kereng says:

    Please dont be afraid. we are in this together

  • Sylvia says:

    What if you confess and do your penance yet still feel guilty. What do you do?

  • Guys.. I used to be afraid too. I never wanted to confess all the things I never wanted anyone to know. You can accurately say that Satan is holding tightly to those. But we have to be brave. We have to be bold and fearless. And have the humility to cry. Have our faces burning red and truly mean that we are ashamed. I assure you.. you have never felt such freedom and grace as you will when you take the leap of faith. But you must confess. The priest doesn’t matter. I do understand the fear of judgement. But as we catholics say: BE NOT AFRAID

  • Many years ago when my children were in confession the priest called them by name and they haven’t gone since. Today they are in their 40s and 50s. This is why I go to strange churches for confession.

  • Boitumelo says:

    I struggle with the same thing. Not necessarily because Im too ashamed, though it is a factor, but mainly because of procrastination. I make excuses every time not to go, even go as far as the door but still return home without confession. Im a sinner, and I struggle to keep it away, please pray for me, that I may find it in me to overcome this. I pray to our mother Mary for the Grace and wisdom to do what is right, to find forgiveness and reconcile with my father during this Lenten period. Help me overcome the fear oh Lord Amen!

    • Linda says:

      To all of my sister’s & brother’s in Christ…Let me start by saying that it is okay to feel scared, anxious or even embarrassed knowing you have to go to confession. It is a natural feeling/emotion. Just by you wanting or contemplating confession is a wonderful sign. I just went yesterday all by myself. I too was terrified! What helped me was this. I looked up online, ” List for exanimating conscience” for Catholics. I then took a piece of paper & pen & started reading down the list. Anytime I read that I had committed a particular sin ( that was on the list) I wrote it down. When I had completed the examination of my conscience I then began to pray. I asked for the Holy Spirit, Mary, Joseph, & my deceased parents, to be present with me in the confessional as I confessed my sins. I asked the Holy Spirit to please help me to give a good confession, one that was pleasing to God. What I did do that helped me out tremendously was, I brought my list in with me. It made it so much easier & my Priest didn’t mind! Believe me when I tell you this, I didn’t hold anything back. If you don’t know what to say, ask him. You are not the only one, I promise!! Go in & do the sign of the cross & say, ” Bless me Father for I have sinned. My last confession was ( fill in the bank) years ago. He will tell you okay please begin. Just read him your list of sins you had committed. When you are done tell him how sorry you are that you have offended God. Tell him you wish to sin no more. He then will pardon (forgive) your sins & pray over you a blessing. That is it!! You are forgiven & are white as snow!! Hope this helped!
      Your sister in Christ,

  • confession is very important in our lives, i once went for confession and immediately after i felt very light it was like i had been carrying a very heavy luggage and certainly the luggage taken from me. it was a very good and unique feeling i was also filled with happiness since then i always make sure i go for confession at least every week unless when i have no opportunity. going for regular confession even makes one to be careful about committing a mortal sin. i encourage everyone to go for confession and you will receive alot of graces from God. i promise to pray for those who find it very heard to go for confession coz i once had the same problem.

  • ezuma david says:

    Am so into sin that i have been trying to stop it but the devil weakens me alot.. especially when ever i make up my mind to stop sin. Now i don’t ever know how to pray again because am always distracted… i need divine help,
    Am always afraid to go for confession and most times when i go, I find it difficult to confess all my sins please am really in need of help… i want to make heaven… what do I do???

    • Linda says:

      Ezuma David, I can hear your pain. Never give up hope!! The devil likes to get us when we are weak. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus. Pray in ALL things!! We do not have to be perfect. God knows our heart. Prayer is also just having a heart to heart conversation with Jesus. Just like you would talk to your best friend. He knows what you are going to say even before you say it. He just wants us to come to Him. Ask Him to take the distraction from you. Tell Him your most intimate thoughts. He wants to listen!! I wrote my feelings on confession a couple of reply’s up from you. I was scared too!! The devil messed with me for a few years. He made me feel like I wasn’t good enough, my sins were to great, the priest would look down on me, and so on! I decided I wasn’t going to listen to the lies anymore. I mustered up the courage to go to confession that Saturday. It happened to be a Saturday that they were not doing confession. I could not believe it! I spent a whole week sick, preparing for this one moment. Although I was disappointed, I did not give up! I was hell-bent not to let the devil win ; ) Even though I was still scared, I went back the following week. I opted for a face to face confession because I feel like I can express myself better. The priest is there to help you, just ask! There is nothing you cant tell him that he hasn’t already heard, I’m sure. He is not there to judge you. Jesus wants you to come HOME!! He loves you!! Peace be with you.

  • Hollyivey says:

    I just had first confession, and I have to say that I wish it went well, but it didn’t. I don’t think I have a particularly long list of sins. In fact, I think the priest thought I was a bit scrupulous. He was kind and gentle. But I left feeling overwhelmed. I had already confessed these sins as they had come up, but now I was talking to a relative, male stranger about everything I had done in my life. It is al negative stuff. It is lop-sided. I have done nice things too. Having all the bad stuff out all at once has made me feel extremely vulnerable and like I need to stay in a cocoon. I just don’t read about this happening online; so I feel lonely. Again, it wasn’t the priest’s fault. I just think the whole idea of telling decades worth of only the bad things you have done all at once can be traumatic.

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