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When we think of Jesus, a humble man comes to mind. But when we think of the pope what comes to mind is a man wearing custom clothing, sitting on the papal throne, with people kissing his ring. Why is there such disparity between Christ and his vicar?


When an ambassador is representing his country abroad, should he wear a T-shirt and jeans or formal attire? When taking part in official diplomatic ceremonies, are the marks of honor given the ambassador by his host country for him personally or for the country he represents? In like manner, the pope is the primary ambassador for Christ and for the heavenly kingdom. Formal attire honors the dignity of his office and the Person he represents. Marks of honor given the pope are not for him personally but for Jesus, who he represents.


  • K. Semyonov says:

    Do we dare to assume that Jesus cares for any of the worldly materialistic stuff? Don’t forget, the world belongs to the Devil. So if the ambassador was representing the world, he would ware all the worldly attire, but if he represents Christ who is the living God he would be truly humble and his thoughts and action would be a lot more important then looks.

    • Louise says:

      The world belongs to God. If it seems to belong to the devil it is because there are those who rebel against God, joining the evil doings of the people in the world.

    • Rose ramirez says:

      Remember God himself created the world and He created everything, seen and unseen . Satan din’t create the world.

    • Rose Ramirez says:

      Why would you say that the world is belong to devil when in reality, the world was created by God? Devil doesn’t have power over God.

    • Jach says:

      Who taught you that the world belongs to your devil.. This world and everything seen and unseen is belongs to The God most high a king of king and all the Glory.. GOD THE ALMIGHTY FATHER IN THE NAME MY LORD JESUS AMEN.

    • yo says:

      Dear K. As ambiguous as the title of this thread, so is your statement. Jesus DOES care about the worldly and materilialistic stuff, since He Himself came and incarnated in a physical body, used a physical cave, a physical mother and foster father, and lived wearing clothing and shaving His Divine beard. He dwelled IN THIS PHYSICAL world to SANCTIFY THE BODY, THE AIR HE BREATHED, the world and all He touched, He told us it was good!!!. Yes, He does care!!!! I would not say the world belongs to the devil, but it’s where he dwells. Jesus said it Himself in creation that He called good, He comanded men to steward it, to guard it and make it fruitful for GOD!! Second,Jesus told the devil that He saw him thrown out of heaven to earth, St Peter also says to watch and be aware, be on guard, the devil roams the earth like a hungry lion, looking for someone to devour. But the world does NOT belong to the devil, he belongs where God is NOT, a
      place created just for the disobedient.

    • Rey says:

      Tell also your pastor not to wear tuxedo, long sleeves and polo when preaching. Sleeping attire will do right? 😂😂😂

    • M L R says:

      God is THE CREATOR of every single thing in this entire universe down to the smallest particle we breathe. Do not give any credit to anything else.

    • Rose D. Jesalva says:

      The Lord Jesus is indeed humble and is seated at the right hand of God. The Pope’s priestly and kingly garments are to represent our Lord Jesus’ holiness and majesty.

  • Pablo Cruz says:

    I’m sure that, if someone is invite to the White House, where the President is going to entertain various heads of states from the most prominent Countries of the world, this person will go out and get the best clothing he can get to go there! He will not care if his family comes from humble beginnings, no, he will try to go as best dressed as he can! The pope represents our Almighty Father in heaven, so he has to conduct himself accordingly!

  • Elizabeth R. Halican says:

    It’s not all a matter of what one’s wear but what’s inside the heart. Jesus always look at the heart of man, a heart that LOVES is the greatest clothing…

  • mel says:

    Omg people really, have an argument over everything, I bet if the pope dressed humble u you would argue he’s not representing Jesus in a appropriate manner. Even to church you have to go in your best attire, not flip flops or casual, but like you where going to a wedding because it’s a exclusive ceremony.

    • Samson says:

      Thanks for the wise comment.

      • Dan Collins says:

        Take it easy, folk. Have regard for the historic context. The pope became at one stage the effective King of the papal states, even leading his troops into war; so regal regalia was called for. He was also in competition with Constantinople (whence the emperor had removed the seat of Roman government) and its patriarch, whom Constantine designated head of the church. Much of his garb came from the old roman senate, who were incensed at being sidelined by Constantine. Finally, the pope held himself to be the head of all Christendom and spiritual and temporal ruler over all Christian kings (the Orthodox had a different view), so he had to be bedecked in dignity. Reflect, and draw your own conclusions.

  • Nancy says:

    Hmmmm. I do recall a story about a wedding feast where a guest came improperly dressed for the feast and was tossed out. Can anyone guess who told the story?

  • Diana Hernandez says:

    This pope especially does not care for material things….. he is the most down to earth person anyone can be….

  • Stephanie Thompson says:

    WOW! People will JUDGE anything or anyone! Stop being so critical!

  • chelamark says:

    The Pope are angels of God however; they transformed into a devil, they deceived to Satan the lord of darkness, they used some churches to get easily thier wants that all people can follow them, but even they’d teached good,, but then you can feel that they are not worshipers of God, they are anti-christ.

  • tresor says:

    Jesus said be humble and I will live in you, and the think here it’s to be humble but pope does not looks humble.

  • Sarah says:

    I’m just really wondering how anti-catholics are on this page? If you don’t accept the authority, then better not follow. You’re just trying to create a pointless argument.. If you’re really Christ’s follower, you would accept the authority given by Him to His vicar. And, YOU will feel God’s presence within him.. No, we don’t worship the pope, we just simply giving him the respect rightfully deserved by him.. If he’s not God sent, then why people who listens to Him become closer to God? Now tell me that’s work of the devil. Of course, satan wouldn’t like the idea that “his” follower leads people closer to God(?) That sounds so funny!

  • sarah cutter says:

    I have never in all my life heard d such total ignorance r these people asking these guestions completly ignorant r they even catholics the pope sitting on a

  • Gene says:

    When past Popes got involved in politics it was.not good Christians. Jesus told us not to conform to the world. Popes came much later and the regalia came with them. There is also more than one Pope. Catholics in the US ignore the other.

  • Telma Dorcey says:

    People who criticize the pope are welcome to visit any Catholic church and ask how they may learn more about the Catholic faith as they may then gain an understanding of traditions in celebrations. The attire is not one of monarchy but one of tradition. The Media Source Magazine had a Collector’s Edition magazine 2014, titled future of the faith, which compared Pope Benedict to Pope Francis and their attire. They had a nice pictorial comparison between both popes. The magazine gave Pope Francis kudos for choosing a much simpler attire. The one shown in the photo is one where a Rite is taking place where tradition obligates him to wear certain attire. We look forward to seeing anyone with questions about the Catholic faith in our next faith formation class. Blessings and Peace to all.

  • charm says:

    that’s what it should be perceived…but people often have the wrong conception of this.They tend to put their praise on the pope rather than God Himself…they do not become concious of it but this is what they actually do.

  • Luke says:

    Something else to think about too:
    Sure, for much of His earthly ministry, Christ was in the guise of a humble Nazarene carpenter. But don’t forget, that during the Transfiguration, “his face shone like the sun and his clothes became white as light.” (Matthew 17:2)
    A brief glimpse of his true glory was too much for Peter, James, and John, who “…fell prostrate and were very much afraid.” (Matthew 17:6)
    The comment from Nancy a bit further up rings true as well. The pope serves that humble man, but that man is also the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Alpha and the Omega, the Word of God made flesh…
    So shouldn’t he represent those aspects as well?

  • JS says:

    Lets see does God or Jesus cares about earthly materialistic stuff? What does the bible say about it. Please open your bible to Exodus chapter 37- chapter 39. I personally believe that God requires us to worship HIM with the gifts of this earth that HE has created for us to us to praise and worship HIM with.

  • Dan says:

    I sent a well-considered answer, but it did not get relayed. So I see no reason to participate.

  • ..’People see other from the outside. Jesus sees others from in the heart..’ Pope Francis is the most humble person full of compassion and love and definitely walks in Christ’s steps. God bless Pope Framcis.
    Kathy Lynch

  • Adam Price says:

    Hypocrisy , that is what most religions represent , and the people don’t follow what they preach .

  • Narz says:

    I can’t imagine that the Anti-Catholic wants the Pope looks like a beggar and no shower at all.That is called humble for them.he he

  • Chris Cornish says:

    Pope Francis could never be called imperial or regal. Francis is the true fisherman and he shows that in his words and actions and he even allows himself to get dirty with the other sheep. God Bless Pope Francis.

  • Albert says:

    hahaha. don’t juge the Pope Francis. Juge your self and what is inside your religions. you are not Lord to juge any body. Pope Francis is in his way. and many ways can guide you to Jesus. and we are not in 00 year… we are in 2016… soooo…

  • Rose Ramirez says:

    Yes the Pope dress up like a king because He is serving the most highest and Holy King Jesus . God Himself asked special priestly garment for priest to wear. Their priestly garment are made of ephod of fine linens , blue, purple and red wool and gold thread. They wore finely woven belt, and breast-piece mounted with precious stones like ruby, to pas,garnet,emerald,sapphire, diamond, turquoise agate, amethyst, carnelian, jasper and gold.Ex.39:1-7 , Ex.39:8-21. Ex.39:22-29.

  • Mwenya Elias Phiri says:

    I wonder whether people asking about the attire of the Pope do read the Bible. In the parable of the Invitation to the feast, we are told that one person who did not dress according was thrown out and I guess this meant Good and Nice looking clothes and this was given by Christ Jesus. How does your preach dresses especially when he is preaching or doing his duty as a clergy??? Certain thing that our friends bring, are just there to bring arguments for nothing.

  • Simplicio Freo says:

    Holy “GOD” wants a good and beautiful dress and garment to wear by the High Preist in performing his duties for praising him in the Holy Altar !.. Remember “GOD” Instructed Moses to make a Priest a very beautiful Vest and Garment to wear…. So in my opinion the Pope obey the Rules of the “HOLY GOD”

  • Ruel says:

    I think of Mother Teresa who did not dress like a queen nor acted like one. She only wore the same habit, the white and blue, everywhere she went, whether to visit another country and meet its president or to give talks to various assemblies. She was received with open arms and with much awe and inspiration, converting a lot of non-believers and strengthening the faith of those who already believed. She represented Jesus Christ without the trimmings of a queen. I beg to disagree with your explanation on why the pope seemingly acts as a king because he shouldn’t. If Jesus were alive now and was the one visiting different countries, do you think he will wear any of the stuff the pope is wearing? Or will He wear something similar to what Mother Teresa wore?

  • Rosalia says:

    Well explained.. God bless you

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