Two times this year Mary’s statues have miraculously survived destruction

We have heard stories of Mary statues surviving all manner of destruction. There’s even a story of the survival of the Hiroshima bomb. But these two stories are from this year and are just as amazing as ever.

Bomb blast in Colombia:

On June 15, 2021, a car explodes in Colombia near the Venezuelan border. The blast injured at least 36 people.

According to the Ministry of Defense in a statement, around three in the afternoon two people infiltrated the base aboard a white Toyota pickup, posing as public officials.

They then set off two explosions in the vehicle that affected the brigade. Read the full story here

One of the photos shared, showed the statue of Mary, amid the chaos, still standing and in perfect condition. Here are the photos below:

Hurricane Ida in Louisiana

St. Hubert Catholic Church in Garyville shared an unbelievable photo of a Statue of Mary in perfect condition following Hurricane Ida.

On August 29th the Category 4 storm hit Louisiana, leaving millions without power and some without water and fuel. The church published the photo a few days late thanking Our Lady for her protection from the storm. Here’s the post and the photo:

“In the midst of tree damage, Our Lady stood as protection for our village of Garyville. Not a branch touched her as they fell all around her. Thank you Mother Mary for interceding for us”


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