Uganda Martyrs Shrine to hold two million people during Papal Visit

In respect to the Papal visit to Uganda, a shrine known as the Shrine of the Ugandan Martyrs is undergoing a huge renovation so that it could hold a capacity of two million people when Pope Francis celebrates a Saturday mass there around the Shrine. The shrine depicts the murder of 22 Christian martyrs who were murdered in the 19th century by a local king who intended to quench the fire of Christianity then in his community. The 22 Catholics were canonized by Pope Paul VI in  in 1964. Pope Francis is expected to use the courage of the Martyrs to encourage the audience he will meet in Uganda. “We invited the Pope to celebrate with us the 50 years since the canonisation of the Uganda Martyrs. This is a top priority for which he accepted our invitation,” said Archbishop John Baptist Odama, the head of the conference of local bishops. The Pope’s “compassion for the poor and his frankness of spirit is an encouragement to all of us who live in the light and stand for the causes that matter to humanity,” Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said in a statement on Monday. View Pope’s visitation details Here  

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Written by Raphael Benedict

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