UN will fly Vatican flag for first time during Pope's visit

The Vatican flag will fly at UN headquarters in New York for the first time on September 25, the date when Pope Francis will speak there.
The UN and the Holy See agreed that the Vatican flag would be raised in the morning with no special ceremony, at the same time that flags of other member-nations are raised.
In August, the Vatican declined to support an initiative, advanced by the Palestinian Authority, that called for the display of the flags of observer states, including the Vatican and Palestine. Vatican representatives at the UN explained that they did not oppose the Palestinian resolution, but did not wish to be involved in a potential controversy on the subject.

Raphael Benedict

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  1. The Catholic Church would do well not to recognise the authority of the UN, they are just another useless ineffectual and sinister group who play a major part in the globalists push for a one world government along with the Rothchilds, the Bilderberg group, the World Bank and the IMF. It speaks volumes that representatives from Saudi Arabia are presently chairing the UN’s Council on Human Rights. The UN say and do absolutely nothing in regards to Israeli atrocities against Palestinians or their illegal bombardments of neighbouring countries i.e. Syria, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon yet gave tacit support for the US led illegal and unjust invasion of Iraq in which hundreds of thousands were killed, displacing millions. The done nothing while NATO members launched an illegal bombing campaign against Libya which then led to the African – European ‘refugee’ crisis.The UN has been critical of Polands successful Windows for Life program. Research UN agenda 21.

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