Update: Cardinal Burke writes a letter of gratitude from the hospital

We previously posted that his ventilator had been removed but is still in recovery in the hospital. He recently updated his Instagram with a post of gratitude and an update on his health:


“Praised be Jesus Christ!

“In the Sacred Heart of Jesus and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I express deep gratitude to God, who has brought me to this point of healing and recovery.

“As previously communicated by the leadership and staff of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, for whom I also express my profound appreciation, I am no longer intubated with a medical ventilator.

“I have been transferred out of the Medical Intensive Care Unit and settled in a hospital room where the doctors, nurses, and numerous hospital staff have provided vigilant, superb, and steadfast medical care. For these dedicated professionals, too, I offer heartfelt thanks, as well as to the priests who have ministered to me sacramentally.

“To those who have offered innumerable Rosaries and prayers, lighted candles, and requested the offering of the Holy Mass, I extend my sincere gratitude, and I ask the Lord and His Mother to bless you all.

“I also thank my brother bishops and priests who have offered Mass for me or prayed for me at the altar.”


See the full version posted on the Guadalupe Shrine website


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