US House blocks Planned Parenthood Funding (Abortion bridged in US)

The fetal tissue harvesting and unborn child abortion have long been an issue of alarming controversy in the US clinics system for quiet sometime now, the US house have on Oct 23 voted towards defunding all abortion clinics including and their affliates; especially the nation’s largest Abortin Clinics. The Bill also includes blockage of all medicaid funudings of any kind to the Abortion clinics too.
The Planned Parenthood usually gets an annual funding of over $500 Million, but the house have diverted this funding the US health care centers to aid protect, heal and preserve live than kill unborn babies and cut-off parts of the body.
Though despite these recent developments, Planned Parenthood is stilll under investigation.
The Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act of 2015 passed the House Friday on a party line vote, 240-189. Only one Democrat, Rep. Collin Peterson of Minnesota, voted for it.
A member of the pro-life political action committee, Susan B. Anthony on the 23rd of October Said:
“Women have the most to gain from congressional action to reroute these tax dollars to community and rural health centers, which provide comprehensive health care services to women, but do not abort the lives of unborn children and harvest their body parts,”
And Kristen Day, the president of Democrats for Life of America, commended the US House’s opinion Saying:
“We fully support reallocating Planned Parenthood’s Title X funding to the 13,000 community health centers and rural health care clinics,”
According to Charlotte Lozier Institute, the research arm of the Susan B. Anthony List, “there are numberous health care centers (over 9,000 federally qualified health centers in the U.S. that serve almost 23 million patients yearly), so the Rerouting of Planned Parenthood funding to US’ Health Cares is a very positive and progressive Move”

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