Venerate Padre Pio’s relics online while praying the Rosary

The Saint Pio Foundation is offering this rare opportunity during this extraordinary crisis.

Padre Pio is known for saying, “The Rosary is the ‘weapon’ for these times.” He believed in the power of prayer and the Rosary was one of his most beloved devotions.During this extraordinary time in the world, The Saint Pio Foundation is offering a unique chance to venerate the relics of Padre Pio while praying the Rosary online.

Starting from Monday, April 6 — near the start of Holy Week and on the six-year anniversary of the founding of the Saint Pio Foundation — and until May 1, 2020, the foundation is launching a dedicated web page that offers the opportunity to pray the Rosary virtually, in the presence of the relics of Padre Pio. The page features four different video clips, each representing a mystery of the Rosary, along with narration announcing the mysteries. This is an unparalleled initiative that the Saint Pio Foundation hopes will encourage devotion and hope during this time of turmoil — and draw the world together at a time when so many feel pulled apart.

Padre Pio is well-known for his intercessory power, both during his life as well as after his death. Millions around the world are devoted to him and countless miracles have occurred from his intercession.

Interestingly, Padre Pio suffered greatly during his life from various illnesses and knew many who suffered from the Spanish flu.

Having been ill throughout his life with typhoid fever, incurable stomach and intestinal disease, the pain and humiliation associated with his stigmata, and the horror of Spanish flu that killed 50 million people, among which were members of his own family, Saint Pio is truly a saint for our own time. 

While the virtual veneration of his relics does not compare to a real-life encounter, it can provide a bit of hope during these troubled times as the world asks God to end this crisis.

Raphael Benedict

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