Vestments woven by Catholic recusant to go on display for first time in three hundred years

The vestments created by Helena Wintour will be on display from October
An exhibition of historic embroidered vestments created by a Catholic recusant in the 17th Century will be exhibited for the first time in 340 years this autumn.
The exhibition will run from October 16- April 11 at Auckland Castle in County Durham and documents the life of Helena Wintour, daughter and niece of the three Wintour brothers, who were at the heart of the Gunpowder Plot in 1606.
The vestments’ Catholic iconography reveal Helena’s devotion and close association with the Jesuits, and and the state of religion in 17th Century Britain.
The exhibition includes a number of historically significant objects such as the lantern carried by Guy Fawkes when he was arrested in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament in 1605.
Included in the exhibition is also William Shakespeare’s First Folio, containing plays which influenced and inspired Helena’s works.

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