Vice President Biden 'really excited' about papal visit

US Vice President Joseph Biden said that he is “really excited” about this week’s visit to Washington by Pope Francis, whom he sees as “the embodiment of the Catholic social doctrine that I was raised with,” in an interview with America magazine.
Questioned about his dissent from Church teaching on the legal acceptance of abortion, Biden—who emphasized his status as a practicing Catholic—said that he is “prepared to accept as a matter of faith” the Church’s teaching, but will not impose “a precise view, that is born out of my faith, on other people.” He did say, however, that the Democratic Party should welcome pro-life members: “Absolutely. Absolutely, positively.”
Regarding the possibility that he might become a candidate for the presidency in the 2016 elections, Biden told America’s editor, Father Matt Malone, that he has not made a decision, is weighing the question with his family, “is not there yet, and may not get there in time.”
Looking forward to the Pope’s address to Congress, Biden—who will be seated behind the Pontiff alongside his fellow Catholic, Speaker of the House John Boehner, said: “John’s a good guy and I think we’ll both be sitting there with a great deal of pride.”

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