Violence in Central Africa flares higher, Pope Francis readdresses his visit to them again

Pope Francis is to visit Africa later this month; he will be visiting Uganda, Kenya and Central Africa as already scheduled. But the violence in Central Africa has gone high and security assurances cannot be 100% acertained. Even the Country’s Presidential and Parliarmentary elections that were to take place in October have been postponed to December.
Pope Francis in respect to the recent security issue in Centarl Africa, have been called to reconsider his plans to visit Central Africa by faithfuls in St. Peter’s Square. As there is a high rate of violence that might be a huge risk for the pontiff.
Pope Francis in response to the recent Central Africa’s conflict said he will still be visiting the country, he stressed that the war-torn nation now more than ever needs his visit, so that she might experience the mercy and reconciliation of God’s power through the church. Pope Francis in addition has included in his iternary a visit to a refugee camp in Bangui Captial of Central Africa.
“I appeal to all sides involved so that an end will come to this cycle of violence.” Pope Francis said.

Raphael Benedict

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