Was Ham's sin just seeing his father's nakedness?

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What was Ham’s sin against his father, Noah, which caused Noah to curse Ham and his offspring? Noah didn’t punish Ham simply because Ham saw Noah’s naked body, did he?


It appears that Ham’s sin was disrespect for his father. Not only did he see his father drunk and passed out naked, but he told his brothers about his father’s state and did nothing to correct the situation (Gen. 9:21–22). It was his brothers who covered their father and did so while avoiding looking at him in his undignified state (Gen. 9:23). In the culture in which they lived, Ham’s decision to publicize Noah’s indiscretion with alcohol and his undignified sprawl would have been mortifying to his father and would have been considered extremely disrespectful.


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  1. Really? So perhaps you could explain to me how it was that when Noah woke up, scripture say that “he knew what had been done to him.” There was some sort of evidence which Noah could see that gave him a visible clue that Ham had done something degenerate to Noah in Noah’s drunken state. Something evidently sexual and perverted.
    Another terrible answer from you folks.

  2. Ham, “uncovered his Father’s nakedness” is a direct reference to Lev 20:11. He slept with Noah’s wife, she bore a son Canaan which is to this day an enemy of the line of Seth who is Melchizedek in the flesh.

  3. Thank you Ed and Mark for the more thoughtful responses. I’m ready to avoid this site due to their horrible explanations and exegetics.

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