Was Jesus prevented from selecting women as apostles because of the Jewish blood taboo?

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A man in our parish who is pushing for women’s ordination says that, because Jesus and the apostles were Jews, they did not ordain women since, because of the taboos about blood and menstruation, they would not have been able to preach in the ritually pure Temple and would have offended the Jews. He says that since such taboos do not hold today, we should ordain women.


Inform your friend that, if Jesus and the apostles were afraid of a blood taboo, they had a funny way of showing it: refusing to ordain women to celebrate the sacrament of drinking Christ’s blood. In fact, the Church’s reason for not ordaining women has nothing to do with some supposed impurity of women. Rather, women are not ordained because Christ and the apostles deliberately chose not to do so. The question is not and never has been “Are men purer than women?” In worth, man and woman are absolutely equal in the eyes of God. Rather, the question is: “What sort of symbol is a woman and what sort of symbol is a priest?” As symbols man and woman have different meanings. Women are not the appropriate image of Christ, the husband of the Church, just as men are inadequate symbols of Mary, the God-bearer.

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  1. If the apostles didn’t want women, why, according to the no validated Nag Hamadi Text (Gnostic Gospels) is Mary Magdalene not a prostitute but in al probability JCs wife. After all, as a good observant Jewish boy, he would have been married off by about 15 years old and, if still unmarried by about 22-23, ejected from the Jewish community and rejected by all, as he more or less was.

  2. Jesus could not have been married to Mary Magdlen and its explained why in another question with answer on this site. on top of that, Jesus wife was and is the church, which includes the saints and the ones who are baptised especailly confirmed. Jesus could not have married since it doesnt mention it in the cannon gospels.

    • Michael, it doesn’t say that he went to the toilet at all, therefore, by your reasoning, he never did. As for married, as a good Jewish boy, if he hadn’t been married by the age of about 22-25, he would have been thrown out of the entire Jewish community. It was unheard of and, in ultra orthodox circles, it still is. Marriages were arranged as soon as possible after puberty to prevent immoral acts from taking place. Also, in those times, the custom was for the groom and only the groom to offer wine at weddings, therefore, t is almost certain that the wedding at Cana was in fact HIS wedding. Remember that the gospels were heavily edited by the early power hungry Bishops so what is written is hopelessly unreliable.

  3. What is faith? Have faith in God the Father in Jesus Christ the son and in His kind and beautiful Holy Spirit and all your questions are answered. may you be blessed

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