Watch: Our Lady appears to thousands in Knock, Ireland

A miracle has been reported in Ireland, and it has been witnessed and filmed by thousands of people. According to a 14-year-old boy who visited Fatima, the Virgin Mary told him she would appear at 3 PM in Knock, Ireland. Something miraculous has happened.

The footage is emotional and difficult to believe, but it is genuine and verified by the cameras of hundreds of other eyewitnesses. A crowd of people gathered in Knock, Ireland at 3 PM, June 10, saw a promised vision of the Virgin Mary in the sky.

The sun appeared as an elongated shape in the videos, not as a circle. Rays of light were also captured on camera. As clouds passed before the sun, filtering out the brightest light, people were able to look directly at the vision. They reported the vision moved, and spun, a classic miracle of the sun, often associated with apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

The sight alone is moving and astounding. There is no evidence on video that is so clearly genuine or so remarkable. But what makes this apparition even more compelling is that it was predicted by a 14-year-old boy.

As we can gather, the boy visited the shrine at Fatima, Portugal and met one of the visionaries from Medjugorje. The visionary spoke in Portuguese, but the boy was able to understand, despite not speaking the language. He told his father of the pending apparition. The father then posted on social media: “For two days our son seen Our Lady in Fatima and he seen the visionaries.

“The visionary from Medjugorje was speaking to him in Portuguese and (he) was able to understand every word out of her mouth.
“On the tenth of June we will be going to Knock and whoever wants to come is welcome. Our Lady will appear…
“Whoever wants to be there at three o’ clock Our Lady will come down, I can’t say if the three visionaries will be there, but I know Our Lady will be there.

“It’s out there for everybody who believes in it.”

Right on cue, the apparition took place, astonishing believers and skeptics alike.
According to widespread belief in Ireland, Our Lady appeared in Knock in 1879, along with Jesus Christ and several saints. A shrine has been built in the town.

Is there a meaning behind the latest apparition? The answer is always yes. And the meaning is always the same, we are called to conversion. Conversion of the heart away from the things of this world and to Jesus Christ is the timeless call of Our Lady. And while no words were spoken or messages reported from the miracle at Knock, we know what Our Lady seeks. She continually points us towards her Son, Jesus Christ, that we may come to believe in Him and know Him, and through Him enjoy salvation.

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By Marshall Connolly

Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict is a Catholic who wants nothing but to spread the catholic faith to reach the ends of the world. Make this possible by always sharing any article or prayers posted on your social media platforms. Remain blessed

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  1. I am a humble convert of some 38 years, I knew nothing of the Catholic faith but I had a strong calling before I knew I was to have a marriage break up. I have seen sweetcorn materialise in a meal my c and his wife have me when I was ill. I have seen an amazing light sizing out of a man’s skin , not around him but dominating from his face. I have heard angels singing and it’s indescribable. And more things to! Most think I imagine things but it does not matter as they were not meant to experience these things. I have no idea why God called me to this day but I think it was to protect a bond guide me from the hard times ahead. It has been hard indeed. I expect God lifts the lowly and humbled them. In this i am very lucky as God saved me and lifted me up. I have no doubt that some do doubt but nothing changes the truth of the divine. I have not had many such miraculous experiances in recent years but I think they served their purpose. So Medjugorje is blessed by the most high and God may want to keep its content somewhat up his sleeve. As this is what I think God does keep his own up his sleeve. This is just a test of faith if it is doubteddoubted. That’s what I think but I am just a convert and no one great in the eyes of the world. But I am so lucky to have been give the graces i have had. God bless the world and all of God’s own. Elizabeth. ?

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