Watch Pope Francis Dance to Jewish Music with Jewish Leaders

Pope Francis met a delegation of Jewish leaders from Poland, led by Rabbi Chaim Boruch (Edgar) Gluck.
The meeting lasted 45-minutes and, according to Crux, they spoke of the horrific destruction of Jewish cemeteries around the world.
Pope Francis suggested the serious talk be continued at the Vatican.
The leaders spoke of many things, ranging from child sexual abuse to helping victims.
Zvi Gluck, the son of Rabbi Cluck, posted a message to his Twitter account reading: “‘Zero tolerance’ Said Pope Francis, ‘We need to keep kids safe’ to myself, my father and members of delegation, at meeting in the Vatican.”
Following the serious talks, traditional Jewish music and dances were performed, with Pope Francis joining in as well.
The pontiff gently bobs up and down to the beat of the music and the smile on his face reveals his joy.
Our amazing Pope Francis managed to make himself even more endearing through his brief dance with the Jewish leaders.

Raphael Benedict

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