What are the rules for dipping the consecrated host into the precious blood?

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I have heard that the Holy See does not allow us to dip the host into a chalice to receive the Eucharist in both forms. But when I watched part of World Youth Day, I saw many clergy, including bishops and cardinals, doing this. What are the rules of the Church on this practice?


The dipping of the host into the consecrated wine is called “intinction.” The current edition of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal states: “The blood of the Lord may be received either by drinking from the chalice directly or by intinction” (245), so the practice is permitted. What is not permitted is for the lay faithful to self-communicate by dipping the host that they will consume into the precious blood. This can be done only by a minister of the Eucharist.


  • Stripemas says:

    Well, an “ordinary” minister anyways.

  • rose says:

    I have received in a number of occasions communion of two species wherein the host is handed ton the communicant, then the communicant goes to where the chalicewith tthe Precious Blood is and dips the host him/herself. So this is wrong practice? Why do some priests allow it then?

  • ronski says:

    Hi rose I think this priest are ignorance and I’m sure they didn’t know the dignity of theirpriesthood

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