What color is Jesus's skin?

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My child asked me if Jesus has brown skin. I didn’t know how to answer the question, since the only pictures or statues we have of Jesus show him as Caucasian.


Jesus was a Palestinian Jew, which means he probably looked similar to modern-day Israelis. However, because Jesus’ mission was to the whole world, different peoples are free to create images of him that show him to be one of their own people. That is why you will sometimes see statues or icons of a “Caucasian Jesus” or an “African Jesus” or a “Native American Jesus” or an “Oriental Jesus.” Such images demonstrate the universality of the Incarnation.


  • Roberto Guerrero says:

    I have seen the image of his face on a white rose pedal given by brother Carmelo and he looks like people from middle east

  • liz says:

    Looking at Marian apparitions, and Mary has always appeared in the image of that culture (Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Akita, Our Lady of Kibeho, etc…we can say that Jesus created all colors and races, representing that we are all in Him, and not the opposite. Yes, we know he was of Jewish descent but why the concern of the lightness or darkness of his skin?

  • Justin Hewitt says:

    Jesus assumes whatever form or race he needs to in order for each individual to see, he is our lord, and is every race and color.

    • Ray says:

      AMEN! Christ Jesus is God himself. He can appear to whatever appearance or skin color He wants it to be, needed in a certain situations.
      He’s true appearance as a man is…He is blonde long hair, blonde beard and moustache. He is very tall at around 6’4″ to 6’6″ approximately.
      And it’s paralizing in HIS presence!

  • But it will make us divided! It also appears to have many faces of JESUS. If that so, we will be still divided! With Jesus Christ, we should know that we made one by one person. We are one in the Lord through JESUS.

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