What does the Church say about Freemasonry, Can Catholics Join?


What does the Church say about Freemasonry, Can Catholics Join?

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What is the Catholic Church’s official position on Freemasonry? Are Catholics free to become Freemasons?


No. Catholics may not become freemasons for many reasons.

Firstly, Freemasonry is not in any way compatible with the Catholic Faith. They teach that a person can be equally pleasing to God no matter the religion. This naturalistic religious view, rooted in indifferentism, is rejected by the Catholic Church. Freemasonry is parallel to Christianity.

The New Catholic Encyclopedia says:

“Freemasonry displays all the elements of religion, and as such, it becomes a rival to the religion of the Gospel. It includes temples and altars, prayers, a moral code, worship, vestments, feast days, the promise of reward or punishment in the afterlife, a hierarchy, and initiation and burial rites.”

Secondly, Freemasonry is a secret society that initiates its members by a secret blood oath. These are contrary to Christian morality. From what is known, the prospective Mason has to swear never to reveal the freemasons’ secrets (albeit usually trivial and already well-known) at the pain of self-mutilation or execution.

The primary objective of this secret society has been the destruction of the Catholic Church. Especially those that have existed in certain countries in Europe. In the United States, it is a bit more of a social club; however, since they espouse the same naturistic religion, they still contradict orthodox Christianity. 

In the Code of Canon Law of 1917 there was an explicit penalty of excommunication on anyone who joined the freemasons. However, many have taken the implicit nature of this matter in the more recent Code of canon to mean the Church has dropped this penalty. Because of this, the Sacred Congregation of the Doctrine of Fatih issued a statement indicating that the penalty is still in force.

Find the full text below:

It has been asked whether there has been any change in the Church’s decision in regard to Masonic associations since the new Code of Canon Law does not mention them expressly, unlike the previous Code.


This Sacred Congregation is in a position to reply that this circumstance is due to an editorial criterion which was followed also in the case of other associations likewise unmentioned inasmuch as they are contained in wider categories.

Therefore the Church’s negative judgment in regard to Masonic association remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church, and therefore, membership in them remains forbidden. The faithful who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion.

It is not within the competence of local ecclesiastical authorities to give a judgment on the nature of Masonic associations which would imply a derogation from what has been decided above, and this in line with the Declaration of this Sacred Congregation issued on 17 February 1981 (cf. AAS 73 1981 pp. 240-241; English language edition of L’Osservatore Romano, 9 March 1981).

What does the Church say about Freemasonry, Can Catholics Join?

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  1. I think some of the Masons posting here need to find out what type of an organization they are in. Freemasonry started about 1390 in London. The organization has been traced back to the decedents of the Knights Templar who declined and were persecuted for Heresy, and blasphemy in 1312. Prior to the Jacques de Molay the Grand Master of the Knights Templar being burned at the stake 18 ships with holy relics sailed from France on Knight Templar Ships.
    The most obvious points though include some of the higher degrees of Masonary. In one of those degrees they take the Papal Miter which is a sacred symbol of our Faith, caste it to the ground, and stop on it. In another degree they vow vengeance on the decedents of those who allowed Jacques de Molay to be burned at the stake.
    However even from the first degree on taking secret blood oaths are contrary to Christian morals.

    1. Dennis, you are beyond ignorant in your remarks. Rather than categorically list your erroneous statements, I ask you to list your sources for your “inner knowledge” of the Masonic degres and rituals contained therein.
      I will correct you in one aspect: we do not take a “blood oath” as you call it. We take an obligation, which is vastly different.
      Historically, you are wrong, both in the origins and the events. Theologically you are wrong and ignorant of your own faith.
      A hint: know your subject prior to engaging in discourse with those who are much more well versed in both subject and content.

    2. Dennis, I thought maybe you would tie in UFOs and space invaders in your libelous screed against masons.
      Modern day Freemasonry started in 1717 in London. So your date of 1390 is false.
      Your conspiracy theory about Knights Templar is entertaining but pure conjecture on your part and can be found on numerous conspiracy and anti-masonic websites, but you have no actual knowledge as to the truth, since you are just parroting what someone else has said. But frankly who cares what happened in 1312. It certainly has no bearing on what I or any other mason does in 2016. None, Zero. Zilch.
      I am not aware of what degree you are referring to about the Papal Miter, but since you are not a mason, I am assuming you read this on some tinfoil hat website. But since we teach tolerance to men of all religiion, I doubt this is true. (As a suggestion, you should learn to tolerate other peoples beliefs. But I am sure you have heard this before.)
      Blood oaths require the actual spilling of blood, since no blood is spilled in any of the degrees of masonry, your statement is patently false.
      You might want to come down off your high horse to reality. I would remind you that the Catholic Church is only a group of people and they have made horrendous mistakes in the past. The inquisitions, burning people at the stake, coverup of child molestation, etc etc. Yet, I do not tar and feather you as a Catholic for the human failings of your church. Kindly show Masons the same courtesy.
      So let me restate, Freemasonry is simply a fraternity, just like the Knights of Columbus. They are not a religion, no more than the Kiwanis, Rotary or other charitable organizations. The Catholic Churchs real problem with the Masons is that they don’t take direction from the Pope. Plain and simple.
      There are several Catholic brothers in my lodge. They practice their Catholic faith just as the protestants in my lodge practice theirs. Masons offer no road to salvation. You must find that in your Church.
      So please stop talking about Masonry because it is obvious you have no real knowledge about the subject.

    3. >> The organization has been traced back to the decedents (I think you meant :descendants”) of the Knights Templar who declined and were persecuted for Heresy, and blasphemy in 1312. Prior to the Jacques de Molay the Grand Master of the Knights Templar being burned at the stake 18 ships with holy relics sailed from France on Knight Templar Ships.
      When Mason-bashing, it’s smart to check what the Pope thinks lately:

      1. Excellent point. Also interesting that the Catholic Church’s view of Freemasons is pretty much what they think of Protestants. Someday maybe the CC will stop being butt hurt by the reformation. 🙂

    1. No more secret than the Knights of Columbus.
      Also, on every masonic building you will find a sign, meeting times, etc. You will see us in the newspaper helping at charitable events or giving money to worthy causes. You will see the Shriners in parades, you will see masons in schools helping screen children for vision problems. You will see Scottish Rite Masons giving free speach pathology examinations and treatment. You will see literally millions of children healed by the Shriners Hospital. You will see Sabo Gratto members paying for dental work for special needs kids.
      My car has an emblem, my finger has a ring……
      Come to my lodge on any meeting night and you will be welcomed and treated to a great dinner and be received with open arms. You can ask any question you want to.
      So how are we secret again?

  2. There are a lot of comments from Masons who say they are Catholic. And they go on to defend themselves and say that there is no conflict. The problem is this. If you truly believe your Catholic faith, and understand that the Church is the mouthpiece of God (“He who hears you, hears me”). Then shoot. If the Church tells me to jump, I say how high. If the Church says not to be a Mason, and you refuse to comply, then there is a conflict for sure. Why try to justify yourself? The conflict is your lack of faith and trust. Obviously if an organization is so important to you that you wouldn’t leave it because the Catholic Church asks you to, then that organization is a threat to your faith for sure.
    Let’s say you are married, and you have a girlfriend. Your wife tells you that there is a conflict and it’s not right to have a girlfriend. You argue that there is no conflict because your relationship with the girl doesn’t conflict with your husband-ly duties. ha! See how far that flies. You can justify it all you want, but if you want to stay married, then you better let that girlfriend go, and then reconcile with your wife.

    1. So you are saying the Catholic Church never makes a mistake? Like maybe the numerous inquisitions weren’t a mistake? Your clergy are not infallible.

    2. Jake, sorry to break this to you but your clergy are not infallible. The objections to Freemasonry started in 1738 during the Florantine Inquisitions. The Catholic Church has made many errors along the way. This is simply an area were their logic is wrong from the beginning.

  3. Of course many of my brethren would be better versed in writing a rebuttal, but unfortunately you’re stuck with my counter argument….lol
    I take exception to this article for many reasons. First is its contradictory rhetoric. How could we be a “secret society” when they also claim to have knowledge of the rites and rituals? When the lodge temples are predominately displayed within a community? So, which is it? Are we a “secret society,” or our we publically out there doing charitable deeds with many brethren and having the temple lodges blazoned with the Masonic name and lodge number for all to see?
    They also use the Knights of Columbus as an example to enlist to counter joining the ranks of the Masons, when the KoC also has their own rites and rituals (which many, may I add, were “borrowed” from Freemasonry.) All fraternities (and sororities for that matter) have rites and rituals. Do you think a member of the KoC will openly express the ceremonies and traditions of their degree work? Or, try any organization (the Catholic Church included) to be openly transparent about their interests and transactions. No, because any private organization has the right to confidentiality when conducting their own affairs.
    Second, Freemasonry is NOT a religion. I cannot stress that enough. It cannot be anti-Catholic, nor “a parallel religion to Christianity,” since it does not prescribe to any specific faith (that claim strikes any member squarely in their devotional gut who is NOT a Christian– and trust me, there are many.)
    Finally, the “primary objectives has been the destruction of the Catholic Church”?! I’m sorry to disappoint the author of this poorly written “article,” but Masons have more important tasks at hand. Like any modern problem of many organizations, growing the number within the ranks, successfully achieving their charitable work (which I believe is now $2,000,000.00 DAILY,) and (of course this is tongue-in-cheek) plotting to take over the world (cue the music from Pinky and the Brain.)
    When I told Father within my parish many years ago (2000) that I had become a Mason, he first expressed his discontent. We had a pleasant conversation and I pointed out the same aspects as above with him. I concluded by reminding him that one of the doctrines of the Catholic Church is free will, and that he (Father) knew of my faithfulness to the Catholic Church. So why not trust me, and other Catholic gentlemen? He accepted my reasoning, and we never spoke of it again.
    I have found that there is (too) often bewilderment and antagonism in the unknown. We fear the mysterious. We walk among you daily. We are your bankers, your office co-workers, your laborers, and all other productive members of the daily workforce and society. We are your friends and your family members. We may prescribe to the Abrahamic religions, an Eastern philosophy, or other monotheistic doctrine. We may have multiple distinguishing characteristics about us, but we will never target any specific demographic for any reasons.
    I know this is verbose, but I won’t tolerate deceptive exaggerations of fiction and not let it go unchecked.

  4. I know several Catholic women who belong to the Eastern Star. There are no suggestions in th article for a Catholic woman’s group they could join instead.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me that the most ardent critics of Freemasonry also are those most ignorant of what it is. It is NOT a secret society! – hell, EVERYONE has heard of them. They sponsor blood drives, fundraisers and other community works of good fellowship, as well as participate in civic parades and other events. It IS a society with secrets; all fraternal organizations have their little secrets.
    Furthermore, it is NOT a religion. Freemasons come from all faiths. All one need to be and do to be accepted in the Craft is a man of good moral character and who believes in the Almighty. Atheists are not welcome for this reason.
    If any group has secrets, it is the Catholic faith.

    1. Igbpop, just a friendly question. What is the purpose of Freemasons having secrets? If they are great helpers in the community, men of good moral character and all believe in the Almighty, why would they want to have secrets? The Almighty doesn’t keep secrets from us. Please understand that anyone, who isn’t in the Freemasons, it just makes people wonder and be suspicious of a group that keeps secrets. Just wondering.

      1. The Catholic Church keeps secrets from Protestants.
        The Almighty has not revealed all that he knows.
        The Knights of Columbus keep their rituals secret just like the Masons.
        So what’s your point?

      2. I’d be happy to answer that Tina. Our secret is….we don’t have any actually. Our ritual, meeting times & places are open and available. We mark our Lodges with the Square & Compass, we have license plates, rings, lapel pins that state who we are. The point is, we took an obligation(not an oath) not to reveal our ritual to anyone not a Mason. And we offer our honor on a handshake as our honor.
        As I stated earlier, the ritual is available, and fairly accurate on the web. Someone at some point decided to abuse their honor and publish it. I have mine and proud to be a Mason. Since so much of our information, including finances, membership, ruless and regulations are so readily visible, can the Catholic Church say the same? The answer is no, they cannot. In Catholicism, participation in Communion is prohibited to a non Catholic, just as we do not allow non Masons to particpate in our meetings. I cannot comment on the K of C, except they were copied upon the Masonic Knights Templar, of which I am a member.
        I hope that answers your question regarding the secrets……it is amatter of honor.

  6. Who says being Catholic is “The religion” – it is one of many religions but a lot of Catholics feel they are the only religion. Most are the biggest hypocrites walking the face of earth and they look down their noses at everyone else. Who made them God to judge everyone else? There are good Catholics and downright moronic ones who despise anyone else who is not Catholic and those ones should look in the mirror reflecting on their prejudicial lifestyle.

    1. Well said Tom, I agree!! They are not even really learning anything at church. They are just doing a ritual week after week of the same thing. And they have all these rules about not letting non-Catholics participate in certain things. Church is suppose to be about bringing people to Christ and helping them grow. Not telling outsiders…’No, you can’t be baptized or have communion unless you are Catholic’! And this stupid thing called getting Annulled when you get divorced, saying your marriage didn’t exist. Well if that’s the case then all their children are Bastards! Just saying!

      1. Tina once someone is Baptized, they cannot be Baptized again. So your comment about The Catholic Church will not let “outsiders” be baptized is false, misleading and ludicrous. The Catholic Church has classes for adults and children who wish to receive the sacraments. Granted you do not walk into a parish one weekend walk up to the priest and say I want to be baptized and he says okay and dunks you in water. We teach the person coming into our faith the basic over several months and want this to be a conversion a way of life. Then at the Easter Vigil the person is Baptized into the Church and receives the other sacraments as well.
        The hope is you will “get something out of it” And “all these rules” about non-Catholics participating. There is only one. If you come from a different faith background, We ask that person to refrain from Communion, as their belief is different from ours. And it has to do with The Essence of God and Consubstantiation. Annulment and divorce are two entirely different things, do you know the difference? Any marriage can be divorced, that is a civil action. Not every marriage can be annulled. There are very specific grounds that must be must. Basically what it means is the marriage was not a sacrament, it does not mean the children are bastards. Honestly this kind of disinformation should not still exist in 2016. Tina not sure where you live, but maybe you should stop in and see for yourself. There are some really nice people in the Catholic church.

        1. Maggie Bayne, being baptized is not about converting and becoming a member of a church (of any church!). It’s about claiming your faith in Jesus and saying you are dedicated to living your life for Him, whether you’re part of a church or not. It’s about a persons relationship with Jesus Christ and not about what religion title you have. And yes a person should have some sort of class on being baptized and not just walking in and say ”Dunk me.”
          And I have been to Mass many many times in the last 2 years. I like some of the things the Catholic church believes but there are some things I don’t like.

      2. Tina you have no clue what you are talking about, and I’m assuming that you are Protestant from your line of reasoning. The Church doesn’t force anyone to believe anything; at our baptism we give the assent of our free will to believe and obey all that Holy Mother Church preposes for our faith. It seems most who say they are Catholic and members of the Masons haven’t lived up to their baptismal promises to Christ and his Church.

        1. If you condemn Masonry, you need to also condemn Rotary, Kiwanis, the Elks, the Moose, and any other fraternal organization.
          Just be honest, the Catholic Church condemns the Freemasons because they won’t recognize the Pope as their supreme leader, that is the real issue and has been since the Florentine Inquisitions of 1736.
          What your Church is really saying is don’t be friends with non-Catholics. Don’t join any organization that isn’t completely controlled by the Catholic Church, because you will be in a state of grave sin. This is religious bigotry.

    2. Only God can Judge, and He will on the Final Judgement Day. Of course every religion thinks “their” religion is the correct religion. That is why they follow it and practice it an keep the rules of said religion. That being said your argument of there being good and moronic people can be used in every faith system not just the Catholic Church. To generalize about one group of people is being rather “moronic” wouldn’t you say?

  7. Freemasonry has been condemned by the Catholic Church almost 24 times by 12 different Popes. Those saying it isn’t a religion are either misinformed or lying. You cannot be both a Mason and a Catholic, and if you do receive communion while being a Mason you are in a state of GRAVE sin, as per Church teaching. You have to pick one or the other. Can’t be both.

    1. Anyone who says Freemasonry is a religion without being a Freemason is misinformed. That’s like saying grace before dinner is a religion. I will let God decide if I’m living in a state of grave sin, and I will continue to attend the Catholic Church. Not only should the Church remove the ban on Freemasonry, they should actively encourage men to join. The church would be better off for doing that. Of course they won’t though because that would hurt the K of Christ. But maybe that’s a religion too.

      1. Well said Steve.
        Chino, you need to probably go back and look at the history of the Catholic Church’s (CC’s) record on condemnation of others that don’t believe exactly as the CC demands. The persecution of so called heretics is long and troublesome. The Inquisitions, antisemitism in medieval Europe, and some of the things done during WWII are not a stellar list of accomplishments, and were all “supported” by Popes and justified by “facts” and the CC’s interpretation of the Bible.
        And let’s not forget the issues with Reformation and the reaction of the CC. If you read the condemnation of Freemasonry by the CC, you will see a striking resemblance to the way the CC talks about protestant Christians.
        The K of C is a great organization and is styled after Freemasonry. It was created by the CC so that Catholic men could have a similar experience. The only real difference in the K of C and the Freemasons is that the Pope has ultimate authority over its beliefs and how God should be worshiped. Therefore K of C is an extension of the CC. I have no problem with that by the way. The men in K of C are good men. But since there is no ultimate authority over how Freemasons believe, we are not a religion. We are a fraternity of men who believe in one supreme God. We don’t have a Pope, Cardinal, Bishop or Priest telling us how or what to believe or worship God, because we are not a religion. We offer no road to salvation,
        So, Chino, it is sometimes better to question authority than to blindly follow along. Because sometimes church leaders who say they are doing God’s work, really aren’t.

  8. Given the inquisitions and the crusades, there has been more blood spilled via the catholic church than ever has or ever will in a Masonic lodge, whose allegorical teaching are designed more for self inspection than advancing religious or political agendas. Plus the catholic church has assumed the authority to change laws of scripture. It is commanded that a man cleave unto a wife, and the two shall become one. Demanding their priest remain single, is a direct attack on this commandment. It is commanded to remember the Sabbath, (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown) not Sunday, again a commandment of God is transgressed, yet catholic authorities assume they are the only route to heaven, but a Catholic didn’t die for me, a Jew did. To speak against the Masons, is deeply rooted in the catholic church’s history of anti-Semitism. For a Jew can be a Mason, and according to Church cannon, Christians are not to break bread with the Jews, got to know your history…

    1. I am an Anglican Thank the Lord for that! All this Bull about Freemasons, perhaps a Gay Catholic Priest wished to join the order? Mozart a Catholic wrote the opera The Magic Flute based on the order of Free masonary. I think there would be more Christian Lodge Master’s than perhaps of those in the Vatican. As per usual the Catholic Church has erred like lost sheep.

  9. Does it make sense that Freemasonry accepts Catholics, but the Church excommunicates those who are Masons? Yet you state that Freemasonry is anti Catholic. The Church better get their facts straight if they want to maintain any credibility in this discussion.

    1. I am amused by the views of the author. I would like to know the real difference between the practices of Freemasons and some of the approved Knights of the Church. I know that these orders or Knights have all the rituals, temples, signs, vestments, hierarchy, grand masters, grand commanders, and so on in very similar and comparable fashions. It’s simply a case of pot calling kettle black.

  10. The Catholic Church’s ban on Freemasonry dates back to Pope Leo IX, who coincidentally almost broke the Church in half with a series of increasingly bizarre declarations in the mid 19th century. Conveniently, it was after he himself had made the first declaration of Papal Infallibility. The Bull excommunication Catholic Masons, like most of what he did during his tenure, was officially overturned in Vatican 2. Look it up.

  11. My Uncle joined the Catholic church after marrying a woman who was Catholic. He had been a Mason for many years, as was my Dad. My Uncle told the Priest he would NOT give up his Masonic membership to join the church and the Priest said, Fine! When he passed away he had a Catholic funeral and Masonic Rites at the cemetery.

    1. Excellent example. When pushed, the priest didn’t have any legs to stand on. Just more proof that the outrage by the Catholic Church is really nothing. It would also seem that the CC has more issues with Catholic politicians supporting abortion.

  12. http://www.masonicinfo.com/ will help those who have questions about the slanderous and libelous thing said about Freemasons.
    Also, let’s not get to deep into the things that were done in the name of the Catholic Church over the ages, As the old saying goes, “he who lives in a glass house should never throw stones”.

  13. From the very first sentence “Freemasonry is incompatible with the Catholic faith,” this article is wrong. In fact the two institutions hold much in common. I am a member of both, even though I am living in a state of “grave sin,” according to the Vatican. In addition to being a Mason I am also a member of all bodies of the York Rite, the Scottish Rite, and the Shriners. I have found nothing in my Masonic travels which would be objectionable to the Catholic Church, and I went through 15 years of Catholic education. It is time for the Catholic Church to welcome we Masons home, because we’re already sitting in the pews and putting money in the collection basket.

    1. Thanks for your comments Steve. Like you , I am also a member of both, and as such, wish it were easier to let my Catholic Brothers know
      that I am not the enemy. Most are welcoming, but some of the elders in the Parish do not seem as ready to do the Christian thing and accept ALL as Brothers in Christ.

  14. The article is pure propaganda. Proof lies in the fact of historical men who have been masons.
    Those who judge others would do well to know them before judging them.

    1. >>… refusing that Freemason is not a secret society while most of its members don’t like to be known
      Well that certainly explains all the lapel pins, rings, and vehicle mounted symbols doesn’t it?

  15. I have read some of your comment. I would like to ask those who claim to be massonic.why have you joined massonic?
    Also your refusing that Freemason is not a secret society while most of its members don’t like to be known if they’re massonic?
    Also the teaching and dotrine of Freemasons are not clear/known to many people?

    1. Henry, first of all, the masonic order is NOT a secret society! It is a society with a secret. A secret society is where the members are not known to anyone outside the organization. Most masons wear a ring or display the masonic emblem on their vehicle. They also will tell you they are a mason. I joined the masonic order because it is comprised, mostly, of good and well respected people in the community and does good work for their communities. As I was told when I went through the degrees that the goal of the masonic order is to take a good man and make a better man out of him through fellowship and brotherly love. As for your last comment, teaching and doctrine of Freemasons are not clear/known to many people. It is very clear if you are in fact a mason. Sadly, too many masons do not know what they can talk about and are not suppose to talk about. Our doctrine, fellowship and brotherly love. Charity. Help a brother mason that needs help when and if you are able. Hope this helps. Oh, masonic only has one “S”.

  16. If you read the clear explanation given by Chris Rhody then you will see the danger of freemasonry. That said just like many catholics attend church , ‘get a lot out of it’ but ‘don’t ‘follow all the rules’ or believe (even KNOW) all the teachings…. free masons can be the same. Many belong to it like a fraternity or service club.

    1. If you don’t like the Masons, then you can belong to Rotary, Kiwanis or the Elks club. You also can’t belong to the Knights of Columbus, because the KofC ws modeled after the Freemasons.
      We are a fraternity and a service club. That is exactly the point. To condemn the Freemasons is to be a bigot.

  17. The reason the “Catholic” church denounces freemasonry is two-fold. First as it has clearly stated from the very first Papal Bull– Freemasonry usurps the churches authority to determine what is true. Individuals can decide for themselves. Since the Roman church exists upon the fear of punishment and the lies of Constantine’s gift, this is a great danger. Second, Masons do not attempt to convert or exclude anyone willing to live in brotherhood and love, no matter what they call the creator. Perhaps the Pope should read his gospel and see this is exactly what Jesus said and Paul reiterated.
    The penalties are actually old punishments for heresy. Penalties which only the church had the power to enact, and often did. They are also allegorical, if you have the knowledge to see what they are saying. Obviously, most people don’t. I would wager the more educated in the clergy do recognize the allegory.
    TO sum up, the “Catholic” church believes Masonry steals it’s power. Constantine declared them catholic, a greek word meaning universal, as in the only way for all. And Masonry says, as did Jesus and Paul, God is in everybody. You can reach him easily without an intermediary.

    1. Yes Chris, your very reply does spell out the very danger of Freemasonry, it explicitly violates the 1st and 2nd Commandments. While Emperor Constantine called for the 1st Ecumenical Council in 325 A.D. before he converted to Catholicism, because he had questions about Jesus. While The council did determine Dogma -Teaching of The Church. The Masons at one time had been a Christian organization, that began to change about 1717. Sometime in the 1800’s all wording of God had been removed and the Freemasons became a Naturalist belief. Believing that human nature and human reason was in all things, thus the Freemason had little need for God.

      1. Maggie i am embarrassed for you and your uninformed comment. Everything in your comment is wrong. Just because you read something about freemasonry on the internet doesn’t make it true. .

    2. The Catholic Church is not the Catholic Church because Constantine declared it so. The Church founded by Jesus and spread by the apostles was called Catholic from the first and second centuries. First written reference to the Church being Catholic is by Ignatius of Antioch in 110 AD.

      1. A little more food for thought for those who stil think Freemasonry is a religion. Next time you talk to a mason, ask them their religion and what church they go to. Their answers will vary some, but NONE will say their religiion is Freemasonry and NONE will say they attend church at their Lodge.
        This is all about control. Masons support educatoin and want every person to be able to read, write and reason. The Reformation was all about people educating themselves and to not be completely reliant on what a select few wanted them to know or understand. The persecution of Freemasons by the Catholic Church started at the Florentine Inquisitions and has continued ever since.
        So, it is not Catholics that are being persecuted for their beliefs, it is the Freemasons.

  18. I’ve been a Mason for 23 years and a Catholic for 18. Never have I had a conflict on either side of this coin. I contribute to both liberally and do not shout about either to the other. Most of my Masonic brothers know I am Catholic, and several of my Catholic acquaintances know I am a Mason. There is only a conflict, if you want to make one.

  19. I don’t understand how the author can, in one sentence, say Freemasonry is a “secret society”, which by the way is the sure-tell phrase those who know nothing of Freemasonry will say in order to excuse their gross ignorance of Freemasonry, and in that very same paragraph claim those secrets are “well known.”
    Also, I don’t understand what the author considers prerequisites for a religion to be considered a “religion.”
    It sounds more like a recruiting pitch for KofC than anything else. Just sayin

  20. Freemasonry is a fraternal brotherhood which requires for membership, a belief in something more than ourselves, and life eternal. “Everything else is commentary”. It is not a religion, nor a substitute for it. Freemasonry allows all to worship as they please, and welcomes all men who wish to improve their lives. Those who say otherwise are ignorant of Masonic tradition and practice.

      1. Michael W, how do you know Freemasons are anti-catholic? We don’t talk about religion in lodge. We also don’t talk about politics in lodge. To divisive. I don’t care what religion my brothers are, as long as they believe in God. In masonry, we believe a man should be able to worship God they way he wants to. Also, I expect a brother to respect my beliefs just as he expects me to respect his. It is that simple.
        Finally, masonry DOES NOT teach any type of religion or tell you how to get to heaven. If you want to know how to get to heaven, find a church that fits your religious doctrines; whether that is Catholic, Protestant or any other religion.
        What the Catholic Church doesn’t like is that Freemasons don’t teach the doctrines of the Catholic Church.

        1. Dear Scott, in your answers, the phrases ‘in Freemasonry, we believe’ ‘Freemasonry teaches that’ ‘and masonry does not teach ‘ seem very common. This tells me there is a commitment each brother makes to uphold certain dictates developed by the order of masonry. It also suggests to me there is a certain belief system that every member of your order is expected to follow lest he finds himself unqualified to be identified as one. This is also true of the Catholic Church and it’s belief systems through its doctrines. Hence, a catholic can not be a member of another organization that teaches a different method of morality to be a better man. The Catholic gentleman believes that the doctrine of his church is enough to make him a better gentleman hence there is no need for freemasonry here. Gentlemen from other chuches who do not have a direct authority for teaching May of course be associated with your order. What you are refusing to acknowledge here is the role freemasonry played in the revolutions in Europe. This is not where we have to delve into it, but the revolution started from a lodge room after a meeting. Your ability to come out to lay bare about freemasonry today is a policy to increase your membership drive because your youth membership is very low. We are humans first of all and share in this world together. We do not need special passwords and keys and secrets to belong to a class of better men. If you have found a ‘secret” to making life better, share it to the world freely so we can all benefit from it. Freemasonry is suffering today because of the classy attitude it showed in time past and it will take a long time to recover from that. Anyway, let us know that ne cannot serve two masters, he may either love one and hate the other. That is the principle on which the church stands on masonry and other masonic associations such as Odd fellows, foresters, Rosicrucians, etc. Cheers

          1. I would highly encourage you to read history…REAL history, not revisionist history or conspiracy history. You speak of the revolutions… you are aware that Masons were present on both sides of the fighting, correct? Just because a group of Masons meet in a lodge (big shocker there) and later find themselves in a fight that engulfed an entire nation is hardly proof of nefarious behavior. Also, you said we cannot serve two masters, I agree. That’s why I do not. I serve one master and one master only.

      2. I would be interested in where your information came from. Masonry is not in any way a religion, nor is it anti-anything! A Mason must express a belief in God…..we don’t care how when or where. Masonry is certainly not anti-catholic, nor anti-Methodist, or anti-Baptist, nor…. There are NO religious teachings in Masonry. Religious or political discussions are forbidden in the lodge building, since both can lead to discord and ill will. I had to notice the commercial to join the K of C…..it’s all about money isn’t it?!

  21. I suggest you all look around on Sunday. Chances are you are sitting near a Mason or his wife, child ,grandchild, widow or sibling. Check your background you yourself are most likely a descendant of a person associated with the masons!!! But you don’t mind getting that DONATION EACH WEEK!

    1. I really wish the catholic church provide us with enough proof of why is freemasonry anti catholic and what foul behavior do they commit…
      On the other hand, I wonder why is freemasonry such a secret society?
      what are they hiding?
      What are they hiding from?
      for me it sounds like a social club where old men play a kindergarten game and then they go for beers

      1. Eddy, you are partially right when you say “it sounds like a social club,” “and then they go for beers.” We are a fraternity, but we are based on morality. Our “secrets” are nothing alarming, and we are not hiding anything nor are we hiding from anything. If I were hiding I wouldn’t be responding to your post.
        “Secrets” can be symbolic for the mysteries of life like “where did we come from?”, “what is our purpose here?”, “where do we go from here?”, “what is our duty to our fellow man?”, “what is our duty to God?” These are “mysteries” in that there is no single definitive answer. Every man within him has the answers to these kinds of questions, but they are “secret” because it’s hard to clearly describe them to someone else.
        Now certainly, we do have words and modes of recognition, but those are also symbolic. Also, it means something to me and any other Mason with integrity, to keep my word in not disclosing those words and modes of recognition. In that way they are “secrets”, just as you may only let your immediate family members know where you keep a spare key to your home hidden. You keep that information within your family or close circle of friends, and that is exactly what we Masons do. However, just the same, you can easily find out all this information on the internet.
        Most Masons I know are honest, God worshiping men who want to do right by their families, their neighbors, their communities and their God. I am a very proud Mason and a practicing Catholic who attends church every Sunday, and tries to live the scriptures in my day to day life throughout the week. Like other mistakes the Catholic church has made (anyone remember Galileo?) the church is also mistaken in it’s ban of Catholic men from joining Freemasonry. For me, when I lay down my working tools and knock on the door to the kingdom of heaven, I will let God decide if my being a Mason was a “grave sin.”

        1. Steve,
          thank you for your prompt reply.
          However, one thing is still unclear to me.
          You say it is a society of stand-upright men who have secrets.
          Why is the catholic church against it, given the facts that many churchmen are members of Freemason society.
          What do they know? and why aren’t they telling us?
          In a brief discussion with a clergy, he told me that the church is like God’s embassy on earth and they are the only ones allowed to perform ecclesiastic rites on earth (baptism, death ceremonies, etc…)
          That confused me even more…

          1. The Catholic Church is against Freemasonry because it can’t control it. Plain and simple, thus the comment by your clergy.
            We don’t perform baptism. Our funeral services are often done along side the Brothers church service. Apparently your clergy think that military funerals are against Catholic Church teachings as well. Or that memorial services presented by family and friends damn them to the eternal fire. No. It is about control.

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