What effect does a person's re-baptism in the Baptist church have?

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If a person is baptized in the Catholic Church as an infant and then elects to be baptized in the Baptist church as an adult, what effect does this have?


The new baptism, in itself, has no effect. “Baptism seals the Christian with the indelible spiritual mark (character) of his belonging to Christ. . . . Given once for all, baptism cannot be repeated” (CCC 1272).


  • Chris says:

    Whenever I read the questions on this site I have wonder at the religious education of some people. True I can understand a convert asking such questions but this one about the Sacrament of Baptism beggars belief.

  • Tim says:

    As a Baptist, I would say that baptism is not a sacrament with saving value, but an ordinance, done in obedience to the command of Christ. It is what we refer to as “believer’s baptism,” done by the choice of the baptismal candidate. You might say that it is an outward sign of an inward grace. When done in its proper manner, it need not be repeated, but the proper manner of baptism, given the meaning of the Greek word “baptizo” is immersion. No NT examples of baptism of infants, or by sprinkling water on them.

  • Notice how to article cites an article from the church and not from the BIBLE. Traditions of men are corrupt, as is every tradition from the apostate catholic church.

    • Migs says:

      The Church is the pillar and foundation of truth. Anyhow, do you have a verse that contradicts the statement of this case? It seems that you only trust the bible but the bible never stated that scripture alone is source of truth rather it states to uphold “Oral” and “Written Tradition”.

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