What happened to confirmation names?

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Could you explain the custom of taking a “confirmation name”? It seemed to be required when I was younger but I don’t think it is anymore.


The custom of adopting a saint’s name at confirmation was done in order to adopt the saint as a special heavenly patron or to honor a saint to whom one had a special devotion. In short, the purpose was to give the confirmand the opportunity to develop his understanding of and reliance on the communion of saints.

While the practice is still in use today, some dioceses have encouraged returning to the older tradition of not picking a new name at confirmation. The idea is that the person is already supposed to have a Christian name, given to him in baptism, and that continuing to use that name at confirmation will serve as a link between these two sacraments of Christian initiation.


  1. Christian Catsanos Reply

    The writers of these articles are American I take it – the practice is still the norm in Australia where I live; I’m guessing it’s much less so in the States 🙂

    1. Dee Griswold Reply

      I don’t know what state this is in, but in Florida my granddaughter made her Confirmation in April and took a name.

    2. Douglas Cooper Reply

      I live in Worcester. Massachusetts. I took a Confirmation name when I was confirmed in November.
      I took the name Columba. I liked how he lived his life and I hope to gain the same quality of faith that he had.

    3. Dawn Reply

      In NY they still choose a name so im not sure where this is taking place…. it was a wonderful part of being confirmed and i hope it never ends…

  2. Sherri Reply

    We’re in Missouri and our son took a name as well. I’ve never heard of not choosing except in the case of my husband coming into the Church. It was never offered

  3. Douglas Cooper Reply

    Hi Sherri I am newly confirmed I told the priest that I wanted a confirmation name. Glad I did.

  4. Michael Madrazo Reply

    Hmm. I’m from the Philippines, and I don’t remember taking a confirmation name. That said, I’m pretty happy with the saint my parents named me after. 🙂

  5. sergio Reply

    I wish I was given that wonderful option… Confirmed in 1993 in Texas.

  6. Vandarose McNeil Reply

    I am from Scotland and as far as I know we still choose a confirmation name over here. I chose Anne as she was the mother of our holy mother Mary and the grandmother of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am very proud of the name I chose x

  7. Sue Reply

    I disagree with this explanation. We were told that we should choose a saint that we admired to emulate as our own patron saint.

  8. Gregory Foreman Reply

    Optional in our parish, although most still take one.

  9. Jim Reply

    Still the practice here in NJ all of my children have their confirmation name.

  10. Ruth Ferreri Reply

    When the teens are confirmed they research and choose a name. For adults it has not been a requirement because of the reason above. My pastor has requested that in the future adult confirmation candidates choose a saints name.

  11. noreenmary Reply

    My daughter will be confirmed March 2015 and our parish no longer practices the taking of names.

  12. Rose Reply

    I was confirmed in july and everyone took a confirmation name.

  13. boxerrebellion1 Reply

    I have seen a number of Confirmations of adults and don’t remember them every discussing taking a Confirmation name. We were at a VERY small Parish and Confirmation always took place during Mass. The teens who were Confirmed did take a name, but one of my faves was the young man who was so attached to the Saint from which his first name was taken, that he took it as a Confirmation name also…. of course, close friends of the family mentioned a lack of imagination.

    My son’s choice served to ‘correct’ a lapse that every Priest we’ve ever had has accused me…. he was born on St. Patrick’s Day, but I had chosen to name him for my brother and husband years before his birth… he always thought that St. Patrick’s celebrations were for him, so he took that name.

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