What is the Church's view on organ transplants?

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What is the Church's view on organ transplants? I feel that they are wrong. If God calls someone, who are we to stop the death process?


By that logic, any life-preserving medication or intervention would be wrong. Removing an inflamed appendix or administering CPR are just as much intervening in a process that would lead to death as transplanting a heart. Even yanking someone out of the path of an oncoming bus could be interpreted as saving someone who was being called by God.
Not only does the Church accept the transplanting of human organs, it recognizes the donation of organs and blood to those in need as acts of charity and therefore commendable. Needless to say, such donations must not in the slightest way cause the death of the donor.


  • Clark says:

    Nice Answer…

  • marianfk says:

    transplantation wirkt nicht nachhaltig genug, die folgen einer Transplantation sind schwerwiegend für den Patienten, schwere Nach und Nebenwirkungen können nicht ausgeschlossen werden. die dann einzunehmenden Medikamente schädigen das Immunsystem schwer – bis zum Hautkrebs u v. m – es ist heute anders machbar. das menschliche Zellensystem ist in der Lage sich selbst wiederherzustellen. Man muss dieses allerdings unterstützen. Das macht man indem man eine bestimmte Pflanze in einer 5:1 Konzentration isst. Diese bewirkt, dass die erforderlichen eigenen Stammzellen wieder vermehrt in den Blutkreislauf strömen können, diese bewirken dann die Reparatur erneuerung und wiederherstellung der Organe – erforscht patentiert – aber keine schulmedizin – mehr auf meinen account

  • lbentley says:

    Good answer.

  • Jane E Newman says:

    So its better to let one die who could use a part of a brain dead persons body/organ. I always believed a body is like a temple. Treat it as so, but, if the body dies and another can be saved to help them with their temple, one should do so. I’m fully sure Jesus would agree.

  • Gina says:

    Amen! It is such a remarkable act of charity for one to be willing to donate their organs to save the life of another. One donor can save up to 8 lives! Think of the miracle that occurs every time a human is saved by another human. This us part of Gods plan! It increases our gratitude to God and helps alleviate the grief of the donors family who know their loved one selflessly saved the lives of others.

  • martin Miston says:

    I think that some organ of die to planting to other is not good

  • Stella francis says:

    If my organ can save one life on this earth so definitely i will save a life .

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