What is wrong with the book A Course in Miracles?

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What exactly is wrong with the book A Course in Miracles? My sister said she thought it was Catholic-based, but I said I didn’t think so.


Forget about this one. It is New Age in Christian trappings. It teaches that all is relative, that there are no absolutes, and that Jesus is one of many enlightened masters. As I said, forget this one!


  • Ellie Stanford says:

    Nothing is wrong with the book A Course In Miracles. I’m a Course in Miracles student (raised Catholic, BTW). The answer given here is only half right. This person missed the most important half however.
    It is not Catholic based. Its language is Judeo-Christian which is what most of us comprehend. Jesus is the author and he channeled this book through a woman named Helen Shucmann. The story of the Course is very interesting. It speaks of love and forgiveness and returning to Our Father in Heaven.
    It’s a tough book to read and understand but if you’re really interested in this, read this book first: “The Disappearance of the Universe” by Gary Renard. It explains the basis of The Course in an entertaining and easy to understand way. After reading this book, if you decide against the Course, well at least you have some intelligent data from which to form an opinion. Always think for yourself and do your own research. Sincerely, Ellie Stanford

  • Lesleigh Crossingham says:

    A Course in Miracles is definitely not a “new age” philosophy.. in fact it runs contrary to most if not all new age ideals. It is a confronting and challenging book, but all I can say is that working with it has brought me incredible inner peace, inner healing and a blossoming of love for God and all my brothers and sisters… the proof of the pudding is definitely in the eating. blessed be….

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