What were the mystical revelations of the "Miracle of St. Joseph"?

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What can you tell me about the “Miracle of St. Joseph” that was apparently revealed to a mystic in California in the 1970s? What exactly is the “miracle” and has the Church approved the revelation?


The purported revelations, known variously as “the miracle of St. Joseph” or “The City of God-St. Joseph’s Hill of Hope” were given to Frances Marie Klug, known as “Mother Frances” to her devoted followers, in Southern California beginning in 1967. The contents of the revelations are contained in a seven-volume series of books titled Stories from Heaven.
According to her devotees, Klug acts as the spiritual medium for Christ and the saints. Her voice is said to change when the heavenly personages are supposedly speaking through her. She is referred to as the “funnel” and “instrument” of heavenly teaching.
Unlike most private revelation, the “miracle of St. Joseph” boldly claims to be the source of new doctrinal revelation. The “miracle” is the heretofore unrevealed belief that St. Joseph is the incarnation of the Holy Spirit, as fully God as Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the Blessed Virgin Mary is also “part of the Divine.” It is unclear just what Klug means by this statement but her followers maintain that the Virgin Mary is the incarnation of God the Father.
The “revelations” have been condemned in the strongest possible terms by the bishops of the dioceses of Orange and San Bernardino as well as the archbishop of Los Angeles. Their joint statement of condemnation refers to the “heretical” doctrines espoused, the “spurious” revelations received, and characterizes the organization “St. Joseph’s Hill of Hope-City of God” as “independent of the Roman Catholic Church, its jurisdiction, and its favor.”


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