What Will Our Bodies Be Like In Heaven? The Church Teaches These 4 Things


What will our bodies be like in Heaven? Will we even have a body?

The Catechism of the Council of Trent described four things we will experience in Heaven after the final judgement, the world ends, and we receive a new body. According to the council, God revealed four amazing characteristics of the body through Scripture and Tradition.

The Catholic Talk Show’s Ryan Scheel explains these four teachings in their latest episode entitled, “What Happens When You Die And (Hopefully) Go To Heaven?”

Listen to his explanation below:

Scheel explains, “When you die and go to heaven the Church explained four things that will happen to your body.”

1) Subtlety

“This means that you have the absolute subordination to the soul. The body and the soul are definitely united, because that is what a human is. But the soul is so subordinate to the body that it could pass through walls–like Jesus did in the upper room on Pentecost,” explains Scheel.

“The body is guided by the soul in a way that is not now.”

2) Agility

Scheel continues, “Jesus was able to ascend to heaven…[St. Thomas] Aquinas said that human beings will be able to travel in their resurrected bodies at will–in the wink of an eye. If they want to be there, they are there.”

3) Impassibility

“This means you can’t get sick and you won’t have any imperfections in your body,” Scheel explains. “With impassability, you couldn’t even stub your toe if you tried,” Scheel adds.

4) Glory

“Our Lord gave a prefigurement of this in the Transfiguration. Also, on the walk to Emmaus where they didn’t even recognize Jesus until they did the breaking of the bread. Our bodies will be transfigured in a glorified way,” Scheel said.

“When people see light, or they see ‘transfigured Lord’–it’s light. The human mind physically cannot understand that glory and can only see it as light.


“In a transfigured body, you will have the deeper understanding of what that light looks like or means. But to us now, it’s just light,” Scheel concludes.

The episode also covers the following:

1) Is your soul judged immediately when you die?
2) What can your body do in Heaven?
3) What have Saints who have seen Heaven said about it?
4) Will we eat in Heaven? Will we wear clothes?
5) Does time pass in Heaven?


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