What's a good way to steer a conversation with Jehovah's Witnesses who come to my door?

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What’s a good way to steer a conversation with Jehovah’s Witnesses who come to my door?


Focus on John 6. This seems to do it every time–or, more properly, it seems to do something every time, and the something can be one of two things.
If you’re fortunate, your discussion of that chapter–it’s the one in which Jesus promises the Eucharist and states emphatically that what appears to be bread and wine really will be his body and blood–will throw the Jehovah’s Witnesses for a loop. Focus on Jesus’ repetition; over and over he said we’re to eat his flesh and drink his blood, and over and over he failed to tell his listeners he was speaking only metaphorically–for the simple reason that he wasn’t. He was speaking literally, and his listeners knew it.
First the Jews walked away, shaking their heads in disbelief. Then even some of Jesus’ disciples left him, unable to accept the doctrine of the Real Presence. One particular person fell away here: Judas (see verse 64). It was here, in his disbelief in the Real Presence, that Judas first betrayed Christ. Yes, later he would be a thief and a traitor, but this is where his tragedy began.
If you go through John 6 slowly, emphasizing what’s really going on, the Jehovah’s Witnesses will find themselves in a pickle. You’ll show them how all the people mentioned in that chapter took Jesus literally–so why shouldn’t we?
If you bring the missionaries this far, end your exchange with an exhortation. Use the lingo they (and you) have heard elsewhere; they’ll identify with it. Tell them they need to read the Bible. Say they should ask “Jehovah God” to give them the light to understand what John 6 means. Tell them they have to “get right with God,” and let them know that means going wherever the truth leads them. Tell them they have to trust God and follow him wherever he may lead them, even if that is somewhere they think they’d rather not go.
All the above explains what happens if you’re fortunate in your discussion with the Witnesses. Of course, things may go wrong–not drastically, not dangerously, but annoyingly. You may find that your consideration of John 6 produces no impression at all on the missionaries. If so, wait for their return and try again.


  • oswald pearl says:

    Yet another way to counter these Jehovah witnesses is to speak about Our Blessed Virgin Mary and tell them all the treasures that are
    also available to them regarding their daily life and salvation . My personal experience is that Our Lady will protect you and you will see
    that they will leave you in peace. But dont give them the chance to quote Biblical passages which know very well otherwise they will bore

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  • Georganna Gonzalez says:

    I did invite a JW to come to mass, and their answer was No. I asked first, then when they said no, they asked me to come to their hall, I politely said you answered my reply, when I asked you the question to come to mass. They left and I said Peace be with you.

    • Jordan Phelps says:

      I was in a stressful job, and would sit in old churches at lunchtime just to get somewhere quiet. Inevitably in some instances my drop-in visits coincided with services.
      I have to say that I found Catholic masses very uplifting, and soundly Bible based. It was probably my first step away from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. After that I read several books by leading Catholic writers and started watching EWTN. I have not joined the RC church but I am more interested in it than in the bucket-loads of evangelical and protestant churches.

  • mapatterson123 says:

    As an ex-JW myself, I can tell you that talking to them about the Eucharist is a waste of time. If you really want to make them stop and question their religion, you need to get them on false prophecies and the number of times the leadership (supposedly Christ’s brothers) has predicted the End of the World and it’s never come. According to Deuteronomy, anyone who does that is considered a ‘false prophet’. More and more younger JWs don’t even know their own history and are probably unaware of all the dates that they predicted for over 100 years. As christiansparlock pointed out, one of the best websites for exposing the Watchtower lies, deceptions and insanity is at: http://www.jwfacts.com

    • Tina says:

      Like you being an ex Jehovah’s Witness why are you doing this to us we all know the pass every religion if you go through it even the Catholics have a bad past they’re the ones that killed Jesus Christ on a torture stake

  • john says:

    Invite them to tell you why millions of Catholics are becoming JW’s. They will be happy to comply.

  • robertnegron says:

    I was raised catholic but became a JW I study both for a long longtime and all I’m gonna say is wait until the end we will see who is the true God and his name

  • vince says:

    i assumed, the ideas released to their knew evangelizer are well covered by the old evangelizer.
    Just my guess, by just countless reading the conception of the JW’s to its development. There were false prophecy had been published and cannot be denied.

  • potentialitee says:

    Please do not make the mistake in believing that they are there in a respectful way to discuss the bible (though they are skillfully trained to be polite and ask all the right questions for the end of destroying your faith and converting you). Neither make the mistake that they in any way respect your faith. They are there to convert you into a cult that once “in”, is VERY difficult to get out of. Ask any former member. From their beginnings, they have had nothing but the deepest, most vile, vitriolic contempt for other religions, especially the Catholic faith. I know, I was one.

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