What’s the Point of Being Catholic If God Can Save Anyone?

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If God in his mercy is going to save whoever he wants what’s the point if your catholic or not.


Imagine a father has two children, John and Bill. John visits his father every day. Bill visits occasionally. John talks to his father regularly and takes care of him whenever he needs anything. Bill talks to his father but doesn’t always pay attention to what he is saying and doesn’t always understand what his father is asking him to do. John loves his father and has a great relationship and understanding with him. Bill loves his father but doesn’t have a truly intimate relationship or understanding with him. The father loves both his children equally.

Should John decide that if his father loves both children equally then why bother being an attentive and caring son? Relationships are their own reward, having a deeper and more intimate relationship with someone is more rewarding than missing out on it. In fact we’d say there’s something emotionally stunted about not seeking out such relationships and committing to them.

I’m not trying to say that non-Catholics are less caring children of God. I am simply illustrating a point about a parent’s love for their children. God does indeed love all persons. However as Catholics we have access to the fullness of truth through the teachings of the Church, Christ’s Real Presence in the Eucharist and experience his saving actions in the other sacraments. Why would someone want to miss out on that?

On a more practical level, only the Catholic Church has the fullness of God’s truth.  To belong to a group that has less of the truth could lead us into sin and thus imperil our salvation.

By Fr. Charles Grondin



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    So a father has two sons. One dotes on him and kisses his butt in hopes of gaining a special reward. The other assumes that an all-powerful being has no need for such doting and butt kissing; so in order to ensure that this second son also submits to the mandatory butt kissing that is required by this needy, all-powerful father, this loving dad sends any son that doesn’t live up to expectations to an eternity of torture in hellfire – but he says he loves both sons equally. Right. He can “harden” the Pharaoh’s heart, but he can’t help us avoid eternal torture. The dad even has the advantage of knowing in advance that one of the sons, who will live but a handful of decades, will be damned to having his skin torched off while being replenished from below, for thousands, and millions, and billions, and trillions of eternal years.
    Bite me.
    Fear this evil god, if you must, but he certainly does not deserve worship. Or is it possible that the disordered, celibate virgins dressed up in robes and insisting that we call them “Father” though they have voluntarily chosen to remove themselves from the human gene pool (for which we thank them), maybe got god wrong? Maybe if there is a god, it isn’t really evil, and among others, it doesn’t send unbaptized innocent, helpless aborted, miscarried and stillborns to Hell? Maybe? You think?
    If God wanted us to all be Catholics, why is there an India, a China, a Malaysia, a Middle East, a Persia – places where there are no Catholics? Can’t an all-powerful being have what it wants?

  2. Elizabeth Reply

    Eveyone is entitled to his or her opinion, whatever it is the answer is in our heart. GOD loves as all no thought about that but decision is ours to make. Two road was give for us to take so it’s up to us to choose. Catholic have a. deeper history. You believe it or not go. …….goo deeper.

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