When Did Jesus Die the Second Time?

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When did Jesus die “the second time”?


Jesus died only once.  Scripture reminds us that Jesus died “once for all” (Heb. 7:27; 9:27-28).  Some people misunderstand the Sacrifice of the Mass, believing that Catholics re-crucify–or think we believe we re-crucify–Jesus at each and every Mass.  This is seriously mistaken, as Jesus died only once, and the one Sacrifice he offered on our behalf is sacramentally re-presented or made present anew at every Mass (CCC 1366-67.  His one Sacrifice culminated in everlasting glory at his Ascension, and so heaven and earth become profoundly one at every Mass! (cf. CCC 1137-39).
You may be thinking of the “second death” mentioned in Revelation 2:11.  And it’s made clear in Revelation 20:14-15 and 21:7-8 that this second death is the eternal damnation of hell, which those who willfully and definitively self-exclude themselves from God and his kingdom will suffer (CCC 1033-37).  So each man and woman dies once and then faces his/her particular judgment (Heb. 9:27; CCC 1021-22), and then either experiences eternal life with God and the angels and saints in heaven, perhaps after being purified in Purgatory (CCC 1030-32; 1023-29), or, God forbid, suffers the second death of eternal hell.

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  • Peter says:

    Jesus said you must be born again.Do Catholics believe this? Born of the spirit baptism in water was our first death. Jesus set the example. God approved.With the dove, this is my son who is loved

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