When is it superstitious or wrong to carry a Rosary?

Full Question: Is it superstitious to trust in your Rosary for protection? Answer: I do not think there’s anything wrong with believing in the protection that God and his saints offer by using some sacramental. However, if you believe that by merely carrying a rosary in your person, and not using it, that the rosary itself will protect you, then it is superstitious. However, if you believe that by carrying it and praying it, that God, our Lady and the Saints will protect and come to your aid. Not just for physical protection but for spiritual advancement and protection, then that is okay. The rosary itself doesn’t protect you, God protects us and his Saints help us by praying to him for us and by protecting us also by the power of God in them. We use sacramental to get closer to God and his Saints, to seek their aid and intercession and to be protected from darkness and sin. So it is safe to say that the use of these items presupposes faith and a willingness to struggle against darkness and sin. Hope this answers your question. God bless and protect you.


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  1. When we tell Protestants that Catholics pray to Mary and the saints only for intercession, are we lying to them. This article says that Catholics also pray to them for protection, spiritual advancement, and aid.

    • We pray to Our Lady and the saints for intercession. We are not lying about that. Yes Catholics pray for protection, spiritual advancement, and aid, still for intercession of our request.

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Written by Raphael Benedict

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