When Jesus says, ‘Take this Cup away from Me,’ to What Is He Referring?

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When Jesus says, “Take this cup away from me,” what is the cup he refers to?


Jesus was referring to the cup of the suffering he was to endure. He was referring to his passion metaphorically as a cup.


Fr. Vincent Serpa O.P.



  1. joe Reply

    there is more in the passion of Christ, we can discuss in length … a lot. Christian life is a life of sacrifice.

  2. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Where was the real sacrifice? The Church says he is god and that means he knew he would be resurrected and wouldn’t really die, so where’s the sacrifice? The passage makes little sense given that as god, he could walk on water, raise the dead, turn water into wine (but not lead into gold to feed the poor), so surely he could turn off the pain as he appears to do in Luke’s gospel.

    Some scholars question whether this scene in the garden was added later to overcome the Jesus figure that Luke paints of a non-suffering Jesus. “The authenticity of the passage has been disputed by scholars since the second half of the 19th century. The verses are placed in double brackets in modern editions of the Greek text, and in a footnote in the RSV.” Wikipedia

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