When St. Gemma Galgani was visited by a soul from Purgatory

The soul was eternally grateful for the prayers and sacrifices Galgani made for her suffering soul.

St. Gemma Galgani was a holy and devout young woman who experienced extraordinary visions from God during her short lifetime on earth. She was also able to participate in a small way in the sufferings of Jesus, bearing the stigmata, visible signs of the wounds of Christ, on her body.

According to The Life of St. Gemma Galgani, written by a priest who knew her well, Galgani possessed an intense love for the souls in Purgatory and wished to make sacrifices and pray for those souls, that they may be finally admitted to Heaven.

When she heard of a Passionist nun who was on the point of death, she prayed fervently for her, hoping that she would go straight to Heaven.

Her prayer, at least in part, was heard. The Sister suffered greatly and died in a few months. Gemma told those of her home of it, in order that they might pray for the deceased, and she gave her the name Mary Teresa of the Infant Jesus, as she was not known in Lucca.

This soul appeared to her full of sorrow imploring her help as she was undergoing great torments in Purgatory for certain defects. Nothing more was needed to set all the fibers of Gemma’s heart in motion. From that moment she gave herself no rest—prayers, tears, and loving contests with Our Lord.

For 16 days Galgani prayed for the soul of the Passionist nun and offered up all her sacrifices for the single intention of shortening the time she was in Purgatory.

Here prayers were answered in a miraculous way and she related the experience later on in the following words.

Towards half-past one it seemed to me that the Madonna herself came to tell me that the hour was drawing nigh. Then almost immediately I thought I saw Mary Teresa coming towards me clad as a Passionist, accompanied by her Angel Guardian and by Jesus. Oh! how she was changed since the day I first saw her! Smiling she drew close to me and said: “I am truly happy and I go to enjoy my Jesus for ever.” She thanked me again. Then she made sign of bidding me goodbye with her hand, several times, and with Jesus and her Angel Guardian she flew to Heaven. It was about half-past two o’clock in the morning.

It confirmed for Galgani that our prayers and sacrifices do have an effect on the Holy Souls in Purgatory and that they are eternally grateful for whatever we can do for them.

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