Where does Jesus say "I am going to heaven to prepare a place for you"?

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I thought I read in the New Testament that Jesus says, “I’m going to heaven to prepare a place for you. If it was not true I would not say so.” I can’t locate that passage now. Is it in the Bible? I want to reply to a Protestant who does not believe that we go to heaven when we die but must wait for the second coming of Jesus.


The passage is John 14:3: “And when I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself.” So I don’t think this one will help. However, Luke 23:43 hits the target squarely: “This day you will be with me in paradise.” Basically what you are dealing with is the particular judgment rather than the general judgment.

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  1. I have been an apologetic catholic for 5 years and one must understand why, better said: “the” why, protestants will not accept the truth showed in the John 14:3 verse: if they did, they would have to accept the Saints, the Paradise and the Purgatory, the Assum[tion of the Virgin Mary, the praying or communion of the Saints, the prayers for the souls of the dead, the mystical reality of the body of Christ and so on…… too much, so the protestants obstinately keep on believing that when we die, we sleep, awaiting for Jesus’ second coming. It is much simpler and easier to understand. That is when, I say to them, that the Truth is not a pizza: a bit more of that, please, and a bit less of that, if I may…. those who convert, do so, because they opened their heart to Jesus, who was nocking at their door, and believed. (Revelations 3:20)

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