Where does the Bible say that those who forgive will be granted everlasting life?

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Where does the Bible say that those who forgive will be granted everlasting life?


Matthew 18:21-22 recounts Christ telling Peter that he must continually (“seventy times seven times”) forgive those who have wronged him. In the parable of the unforgiving debtor (Mt 18:23-35), our Lord proceeds to point out that God will deal with us mercifully only if we in turn will deal likewise with one another and states that God will deal harshly with us if we do not extend that forgiveness to others.
So it is clear that God demands men forgive one another; not only that, but that men actively seek forgiveness from each other. It is also clear that human forgiveness, both in seeking and in granting, is an integral part of human participation in the divine life of grace and therefore of salvation itself.


  • prasadika says:

    I have a doubt. What if we lost something very valuable because of something wrong they did to us ? should we still forgive ? what about our life which was ruined by them ? For me, this is so confusing ….I have heard that God still forgive those people….Is that the case ? In that case, if I do something wrong, will God forgive me too ? pls help me to understand….would like to kindly request you to direct me to the page of the holy bible where this has been explained.

    • sonny paul says:

      JOHN 3/5 Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is
      born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of
      HE TALKING BOUT PEOPLE THAT HAD ALL BEEN BAPTIZED IN JESUS NAME AND HAVE THE HOLY GHOST 38 Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.

  • dennis jaconetta says:

    Our works such as forgiveness to others while a virtue .does not I repeat does not guarantee eternal salvation. Eps: 2:8 makes that clear . Once saved always saved buy Grace Not of works , it is a gift of God ,less any man should boast.

  • D. Marie says:

    I understand that we should forgive over and over and I know that we are supposed to stay married, but in my case. my husband was married before for 6 months and his first wife not only did not want to work it out and see the priest, she also stabbed him with a knife trying to ‘protect’ her new love. I don’t think he was supposed to stay in that marriage nor do I think that she came into it with thoughts of ’til death us do part.
    I know that God is a forgiving God and he would not have wanted my husband to pay for her sin for the rest of his life We have been married almost 49 years, and I did mean until death we do part.

  • jackngate says:

    I had a problem with forgiveness. I could never figure out how to genuinely forgive someone it was always empty when I would forgive. There was still resentment and discord. Why? I had to take a look at my own sinfulness, and see in the mirror of the Ten Commandments that I too have hurt Gods feelings with my sins. God, the one who let his Son die for me, I hurt His heart. Where does the sin of others go when we are shown our own filthy rags? God is for people. He loves all people, but he hates the sin they carry out. He never hates the person. It can be tremendously hard to forgive, but it is well worth the search inside ourselves, and the Bible to seek this gift.

  • John says:

    Such a travesty in twisting scripture! The use of the moral lession with Matthew 18 is explicting talking about forgiving a brother (Peter says ” brother” which doesnt mean genetic but Christian or equally yoked in Christ). If two people play on a basketball team but opposite sides, how would one forgive the other for scoring against the other?
    Are the Isrealites forgiven? Do they not deny Jesus as God? How will you become greater than God to forgive those Jesus does not?
    Read Jonah. Read Ephesians 2. Jonah is the perfect biblical example of God showing a righteous Christian his failure in understanding he hadnt the ability to judge the SOULS of horrible, horrible criminal savages. He did judge yheir SPIRITS correctly; afterall that is why God sent him there! They were just as Jonah thought. They just werent the people he wanted to be “FORGIVEN OF THEIR DENIAL OF JESUS”! A man whom doesnt accept Jesus doesnt go to hell with a single sin forgiven. Biblical ignorance and horrible teaching from those that do! “When did you feed me, or put clothes on me, or come to see me in prision”, said God. True understanding the forgiveness princlpes in the bible requires studing the syntergy of all those principles. A Christian man that dies to his flesh will eventually learn the lost guy who slaps him, only slapped Jesus. Thus the understanding of “vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.” Christians are given the command to forgive as God does in Ephiseans in order to invite them to him and his gift as the only sacrifice worthy of forgiveness. The opponent is truly an opponent if you are on God’s team. The armor of God would be a joke if everybody loved God and thus loved Christians. God said if you love him they will HATE you! But, all are born hating God. Turning to him and accepting his crucifixion as the requirement for your sin atonement is why he wants us to realize those others that still haven’t, can receive his gift
    (forgiveness and eternal bread of life) as we did ( Genesis 4:7).

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