Where does the information about Saints Anne and Joachim originate?

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Where does the information about Saints Anne and Joachim originate?


The names attributed to Mary’s parents come from the Protoevangelium of James, a second-century apocryphal Christian document that gives a history of Mary’s childhood. It is not part of the biblical canon, but as an early Christian history it may preserve some correct information about the family history of Mary and Joseph.


  • Visuca says:

    ‘Apocryphal’?… JAMES seems to me capable of writing HISTORY.

  • Itsjustintyme says:

    It is also reasonable to consult the life of Venerable Mary of Agreda and her work the mystical city of God. While this text certainly does not ascertain to public revelation it does fall within the realm of private revelation. Venerable Mary of Agreda is an incorruptible mystic from the middle ages. For those who can read the text in light of faith and believe with a holy fear, there is a great deal about the early life of Mary along with the mysteries surrounding her birth and upbringing as revealed to Mary of Agreda. The writings were condemned during the protestant reformation, but later have been approved as authentic, a sign that the devil does not want us to know this secret whom often attempts to destroy devotion to the blessed virgin Mary due to his hatred for her.

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