Where is the scriptural justification that says I should honor Mary or treat her different from any other woman?

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As an Evangelical, I believe in measuring things against the Bible. Where is the scriptural justification that says I should honor Mary or treat her different from any other woman?


Look at Luke 1:48, where Mary speaks by the Holy Spirit and says, “From now on all generations will call me blessed.” Have you called her “blessed” lately?

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  1. What would you say of a man who was given a wrecked car and told to restore it to the same condition as it was before the wreck, only to return to you half-done? You certainly wouldn’t think very much of his workmanship and you would probably warn your friends and co-workers to avoid his shop at all costs. A job half-done is a job not done at all.
    Yet this is exactly what Protestantism teaches about the Redemption of our Lord in denying the Queenship of our Lady and Her right to our honor. This problem comes from the highly individualized view of salvation extant in Protestantism. Everything is viewed from the aspect of “what’s in this for me?” instead of the overview of God’s salvific work in all of Creation. It is a very truncated and narrow view of God’s redemptive work.
    What exactly was lost in the Garden? Were a couple of vassal slaves tossed out on their ear to beg forgiveness and hope they could get back in? Oh, no! The damage was far more deep and pervasive than that. Remember, Adam was created as son of the Great King. Therefore, the first thing that was lost was his potential rulership one day as king of Creation. That is what sons of kings do – they mature into kings themselves one day, and in a large kingdom, they will take rule themselves as subordinate kings to their father. He forfeited his priesthood and the future possibility of being the great high priest over Creation to intercede for any of his posterity who would sin.
    He lost covenant headship over the family of God on earth which is mankind. In losing the authority of covenant headship, his position of fatherhood over mankind was forfeit, for the appellation of “father” describes one who is a covenant head over a covenant unit called the family. And likewise, his wife lost her position of covenant motherhood. It is not just Adam who is affected. This was a disaster on many levels!
    What did Jesus accomplish as perfect Man? As the Last Adam, (1 Corin. 15:45) He regained kingship and rules now as King over all Creation. As a man. He is the Great High Priest in the tabernacle made without hands in the heavenlies. As a man. He perfects man’s nature in His body, being totally obedient to His Father and then performing for us the greatest act of self-donative love ever seen in the cosmos. The Creator of all allows those whom He created to spit upon Him, mock Him, scourge and beat Him, and send Him to death on a cruel cross. And He does this so that the very men who do it to Him can be saved from the evil that drives them to do such a heinous act. It is the ultimate display of the nature of God – utterly self-giving for the good of the other.
    The Last Adam as man does what first Adam failed to do. The first Adam, through his sin, forfeits the possibility of becoming everything that the Last Adam does become. In Christ Jesus, every effect of the Fall is reversed and all that mankind possesses in the Garden is restored. Rev. Ralph Smith, a Reformed writer, states the same thing:
    “It is what salvation is all about because salvation is restoration – not merely restoration to the original state in Eden but to the attainment of the goal of Eden.”
    This is an amazing statement, but Rev. Smith has not followed his thinking to the logical outcome. There was another person in the Garden. The covenant helpmeet. What of her? If Eve is not restored in full, then the work of God’s redemptive plan is only half done. Everything must be restored completely to the condition that it was in before the Fall. Before the Fall, there was a human mother of all with a nature uncorrupted by sin and the possibility of becoming a queen next to her king husband. If God restored Adam as male human being, then in order to fully restore that which He created in the Garden, He must also restore Eve in the person of a female human being. To leave Eve out of the equation would be to leave the redemptive work of the Father incomplete. There would be no regeneration. Certainly the Early Church Fathers understood this, for they referred to the Blessed Virgin as the New Eve.
    Not only are the positions and authority of king and queen redeemed in Jesus and Mary, but the father and mother of us all once again watch over us. This is another of those lost titles which Adam and Eve forfeited by the Fall. Think of it this way. Suppose the Fall had not happened. It is conceivable that Adam and Eve would be yet living today in their glorified state similar to what we saw in the Transfiguration.
    Just as Eve was named “the mother of all living,” so now is the Virgin Mary the Mother of all who are truly alive in Christ and share in His divine life. How much more then, for the Christian, should he refer to God as His Father, and the Virgin Mary as his mother, for without the grace of God and the willingness of the Blessed Virgin to submit to God’s will, we would still be in a state of separation from God and slavery to sin. This is why we treat her with respect and give her our supplications. She is the New Eve indeed. As one who was, by a special work of divine grace, kept sinless all her days on earth, she is a worthy helpmeet to her Son as the Queen of the heavenly kingdom.
    If the first Adam was still on earth in his glorified state, it would be no sin to ask favor of him and to glorify him. Since Adam and Eve have been covenantally restructured in Jesus and Mary, then we do no sin to honor them in this manner.
    This understanding of the plan of God in the Garden covenant for His family makes the honor we bestow upon the Blessed Virgin to be a simple continuation of that which was interrupted in the Garden. By her obedience to God, the Virgin Mary receives that which Eve forfeited. The honor of her children, the blessings of obedience – including Her reign in heaven – and the sharing of the authority given to the Last Adam, reigning and ruling with Him in perfect unity of will, all belong to the Blessed Virgin. In this lavish praise, let me remind you once again that just as Adam and Eve would have had perfect unity of will in the Garden if there had been no Fall, so does the Blessed Virgin do nothing but the divine will of Her Son, Who, in turn, said of Himself as man.

  2. The problem there is, there are a lot of Old and New Testament Bible verses that talk about Jesus’ kingship, whereas there aren’t any about Mary’s. Called her blessed, for sure! She was a holy woman (the Bible never says she was sinless) and she took in faith what must have been a scary turn of events in her life. And I think that, in fear of seeming to over-esteem her, Protestants have downplayed her place in redemptive history. But the Bible is actually very quiet about her. If she was *this* important, don’t you think God would have made it more explicit? You’re basically saying the Bible shows us how important it is that Adam was restored, but barely mentions Eve’s restoration. The point of Scripture is–Christ restored us all, man and woman.
    It’s not about individualism. While I disagree with some of your points about what the Fall meant for creation, I’m aware that Christ’s death worked toward restoring all of creation, and the Bible points that out by mentioning creation’s praising Him in the psalms, saying that creation is groaning for Christ’s returning, and how creation reflected what was happening on the cross. It’s just that…yeah, this doctrine of Mary’s perfection and being Eve’s representative is nowhere in the Bible.

    • Baloney! I made it quite clear how you find this in the Bible. You appear to be one of those “sola scriptura” types who wants everything spelled out word for word before you believe it. Let’s go over this again —
      Adam was the son of God (Luke 3:38) As the son of the Great King (God the Father) he was destined to become a king himself. That is what the sons of kings do — they mature from being a prince to a king. Eve was his wife, which makes her a princess and also one who would be queen. This was the destiny for all mankind. We see this from the NT scriptures:
      Rev 5:10 And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.
      If men are to be made kings (surely you don’t think that verse applies to women, do you?) then will not women be queens and co-regents? Isn’t this how a kingdom is set up.
      Christ is the Last Adam (1 Corin 15:45) As such, as a MAN….he is now King over all Creation. Thus, as a MAN….Adam is restored as covenant head over Creation and mankind has a King.
      So what are you going to do…..leave Eve unrestored? Is that your answer because our honor of our Queen somehow is not palatable to your senses? As I said in my opening paragraph, if mankind is not TOTALLY RESTORED — MALE AND FEMALE as before the Fall, then the work of redemption is an utter failure.
      If you want the full details from this chapter, go here
      and buy the book.

  3. When Mary came to visit Eilzabeth, John the Baptist leaped in the womb, and Elizabeth (speaking by the Holy Spirit, according to Scripture), said “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb! But who am I, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?”
    And Jesus said to John from the cross: “Behold, your mother!”
    But it’s also just sense. Did not GOD HIMSELF treat her differently than any other woman? By the will of God, she carried the creator of the universe in her womb. No one else in all of human history can say that. Part of the reason for honoring Mary is that we recognize what the Incarnation actually was.

  4. As a former evangelical, (being part of numerous and variant Protestant denominations, each one disagreeing on numerous and variant “truths” found in Scripture/Bible and each claiming the sole and only source for measuring Truth/Error, was the Bible “alone”.
    “somebody”ies” along the way, determined which and how many “truths” were “important” and which were not. “proof texts” (Bcverses), therefore, became who has (d) the authority from God to determine truth and then found the verses that corresponded, to the particular truth they attempted to proof text. A problem / reason for the many variant and different Protestant Faith communities, which all seem to hold the Bible as THE final authoiry.
    I suggest the person who asked this question to give me/us a Bible chapter verse that states specifically the exact number of sacred writings, God wanted to be referred to as Bible (collection of both Old and New sacred writings), now found IN their Biblical table of contents. today are,
    Where in Scripture is the “criteria” for selection of the sacred writings found?
    It seems logical to me, to be provided “Scriptural verification” for what IS now considered the correct listing/number of sacred, inspired and sole authority for Truth of a believer.
    Why is THIS protestant belief (sola Scriptura), not (tested) or put under the Biblical microscope? (no where in Scripture are the terms “final, sole and only” used to define Scripture’s authority of God’s revealed Truths!
    fyi, Historically speaking, men came up with the criteria, men selected the writings, men determined which and how many writings, would be referred to as “inspired” by God writings, based on the criteria set.
    ….just saying….Chrisitans should practice what we preach and teach.
    in my humble opinion, Catholics are THE only, Christians who are “put to the test” of Scripture alone…why is that?

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