Where to begin the task of building a peaceful home.

Many people assume that to build a peaceful home one need only to have the most wonderful children, partner, job etc. However, the truth is peace come from hearts. If as a parent, your heart is peaceful you will have a peaceful home in consequence. This does not mean there won’t be any chaos or issues, it means that your family will enjoy peace as a constant with pinches of chaos here and there (which is normal).

A man who is torn between many wrong choices and is addicted to many unruly things cannot have peace and consequently cannot build a peaceful home.

So, allowing oneself to the mercy of auto-formation cannot possibly have the necessary degree of interior peace to build a stable home. Auto formation means allowing oneself to exist and grow without any pruning; allowing the garden of one’s heart to be filled with weed. We know how nature is; that any part of us that suffers this lack of attentive and conscious shaping suffers.

One needs to make several sacrifices to attain interior peace. Your family life is worth the stress and the peace you could have is worth all the efforts.

Try and begin NOW, do not postpone it endlessly.

I wish your families growth and health!

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