Who is the patron saint of healing?

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Who is the patron saint of healing? My son-in-law would like to choose that saint’s name for his confirmation name.


The possibilities are endless, as there are saints to pray to for just about every ache and pain known to man. If your son is looking for a saint with a special interest in praying for those involved in the healing sciences, there are several choices: Luke (patron of physicians), Camillus de Lellis (patron of nurses), and Raphael the archangel (whose name means “God has healed”).


  1. marianfk Reply

    this is the most important in today’s time what you can do for yourself – look calm in times; Responsibility for people – Ecclesiasticus 31.15 – we do it http://mfk24.stemtech.com welcome,

  2. Smitha Poulose Reply

    I have experienced the healing intercession of Raphael the ARCHANGEL twice in my life

    1. debbie Reply

      @Smitha Poulose you are truly blessed!!!

  3. Roger Reply

    I converted last year and chose Raphael as my name.

  4. chuckstertam Reply

    ST Beredette of Lourdes…please pray for me

  5. marianfk Reply

    wenn wir um das richtige, natürliche bitten, so wird es uns gewährt – so wie mir – Mitte 2009 – und ich spüre täglich mein gutes wohlbefinden jeden Tag

  6. marianfk Reply

    when we ask for the proper, natural, so it is offered to us – like me – mid-2009 – and I feel good every day my well being every day

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