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Muslim students outnumber Christian pupils in over 30 religious schools in Britain.
According to Christian Today, several Christian schools are home to Muslim students who continue to live in accordance with their religion.
Muslim families have been sending their children to religious schools across the country in hopes of preparing them for life in Britain.

According to blogger Nigel Genders: “We constantly hear from Muslim parents who tell us that they choose our schools precisely because we take faith seriously and offer an approach to education that gives attention to spiritual as well as academic development.

“They welcome the opportunity to send their children to a school which will ensure mutual understanding of faiths whilst being clear about the Christian heritage and underpinning narrative on which its ethos and values are based.
“Like the millions of others who have attended such a school, they know that we prepare children for life in modern Britain and a world that is increasingly connected.”
The reasons are innocent enough but The Times reported St. Thomas in Werneth, Oldham is host to a student population with a 98 percent “Muslim background,” endangering the student population with a Christian minority.

The Church of England reported 20 of its schools are host to a Muslim majority student body with reports of up to nine of 10 pupils with a Muslim background.
Tensions have risen as All Saints Church of England Primary in Bradford began selling hijabs to its students, prompting Catholic parents to question whether the schools are making the appropriate decisions.
Professor Alan Smithers, the director of the center for education at the University of Buckingham, stated: “The Church of England has traditionally provided education in this country but now that risks being an uncomfortable experience for the Muslim pupils that fill many of these schools.
“It must also be very confusing for the handful of Christian pupils in some of them. It would seem logical these schools become secular institutions.”

In response, The Church of England’s chief education officer, Rv. Nigel Genders said schools might host a Muslim majority but stated:

“[I]t feels like a Church of England school. It goes back to the principle that we are not faith schools serving a Christian population but Church schools serving the local community.”
By Kenya Sinclair

Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict

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