Why can't the Poor (like my brother-in-law) have a funeral Mass, but the rich and powerful can?


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When my brother-in-law died, there was no priest available and so he couldn’t have a funeral Mass. A deacon said prayers at the funeral home and at the grave site. At Senator Ted Kennedy’s funeral, there were six priests and a cardinal. Do the rich and powerful get special consideration?


I am very sorry for your loss and sorry that your family was unable to arrange for a funeral Mass for your relative. Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, it is very possible that more effort is made to accommodate the well-known and influential. This isn’t the fault of the Catholic Church, but of frail human beings within the Church. The good news is that you can arrange for memorial Masses to be said for the repose of your relative’s soul. This can be done either at your parish or by a religious order. Just contact the Coordinator for memorial Masses and ask what needs to be done.

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  1. We were able to have a funeral mass for our family members, we are neither rich nor powerful, what we are is active members of our parish, our priest was just looking after the care of a parish family.

  2. Absolute rubbish. Any Catholic is entitled to have a Requiem Mass. As a Traditional Latin Mass attendee with the ICKSP I know that when I die, I will have a solemn sung Requiem Mass and I am far from rich. Disgusted from England!

  3. You obviously don’t know the Catholic Church rules. Firstly, only an ordained Catholic Priest can celebrate Holy Mass. So if there is no priest available the Deacon steps in but he is not ordained as a priest so he just does the normal funeral. Secondly, Holy Mass for the dead is known as Requiem Mass. It is celebrated when Catholics, who attend Holy Mass every Sunday & receive Holy Communion (being in a state of grace) but stopped due to their illness, pass away (die). It is not exclusive to the wealthy!!!

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