Why do Catholics kneel?

Why do Catholics Kneel? When you attend a Catholic Mass, most of the thing we do is stand and sit mainly to reflect the seriousness of each of the sections of the Mass. When we read the Gospel, we stand. This is to show our reverence for the presence of Christ in the Gospels.

You attend a Catholic Mass; you will see the first part of it consists of reading and preaching; we stand for the Gospel, but we sit for the other readings and the preaching. But the Mass is more than just reading and preaching. The Mass is a sacrifice, and there are times when the faithful pray on their knees, especially in the last part.

Kneeling shows our humility before God. Your question is a surprise because you probably should be asking yourself why you don’t kneel in your Protestant services. Scripture suggests you should. In Ephesians 3:14, Paul says, “I kneel before the Father,” and in Acts 9:40, Peter “knelt and prayed.” The Catholic habit of kneeling is consistent with Scripture and is another manifestation of the continuity between the Church of the first century and today’s Catholic Church.

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  1. Adela Suralta Rokvist.08.03.16.
    I kneel in the sign of the cross before mass. In the May Almighty God have mercy on us etc.Then in the offertory. The late Fr. Patrick Sheel CssR thought me to kneel at the Holy, Holy up to the through Him, with Him in Him. And I kneel too in the Lamb of God & strike my brest 3 times. That may the Lord will have really have Mercy on me for all my guilts. And the blessing after mass. Virgin Mary thought to her visionary, Catalina, That in consecration of the Bread of Body & Blood of Christ, that is the most Miracles of Miracle. Becuase only Catalina can see all the miracle.How the angels offer our offerings. As she said all of our angels go to kneel & bring our offering.How the Body of Christ hanging on the Cross & His blood poured into the chalice of the priest in consecration never spell in the altar and the Holy Spirit was in the left shoulder of the priest What only God showed me. More than 10 years ago. When Fr. Miguel consecrate the Eucharist. Behind his right hand. was the very white Eucharist stood in the air. So I know now, that the Holy Trinity was there in the Catholic mass. I told Fr. Miguel how lucky you are Fr. that the white Eucharist was behind your hand. I have no doubt of my catholic religion. Amen

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